Code Location
ARC Archives and Research Collections, Room 503, Floor 5 (includes spoken word cassette collection)
CDM Music CDs, Room 502, Floor 5
DDR Documents Reference, Floor 1
DDM, DDN Documents Microform, Floor 1
DDV, DDF Documents Collection, Floor 1
FOL Folio (oversized) publication
ILL Interlibrary Loans Dept. Office, Floor 2
INT, MDW Online - Web resource
ITE Equipment loan, CUOL Student Centre (D299 Loeb)
ITC Clickers, CUOL Student Centre (D299 Loeb)
ITV Lecture DVDs, CUOL Student Centre (D299 Loeb)
LTP Loanable laptops from Library Services Desk
MCR, MFI, MFL Microform Material, Floor 1 (MFI includes print indexes)
MDC Data Centre Collection, Floor 1
MDE Maps, Data and Government Information/Electronic, Floor 1
MDR Maps, Data and Government Information/Reference, Floor 1
MPA Map Collection Atlas, Floor 1
MPF Map Collection Folio, Floor 1
MPH Map Collection (Historical), Floor 1
MPL Map Collection, Floor 1
MPM Map Collection Microform, Floor 1
MPP Air photo, Floor 1
MRR Maps, Data and Government Information/Reference, Floor 1
NSM Newspapers in microform
NSP Newspapers in print, Floor 3
RAF, RAR Rare books, Archives and Research Collections , Rm. 503, Floor 5
REF Reference, Floor 2
RRF Research Help Desk, Floor 2
RSV Reserves, Reserves Room, Floor 2
SER Serials, Compact shelving, Floor 1,
SPC Special Collection of Modern Poetry, Archives and Research Collections, Floor 5, Room 503
STF Storage Facility. Use Hold/Request button.
STG Storage Facility. Material does not circulate. By appointment only. Complete Storage Facility Appointment Request
STM Storage Facility. MADGIC microforms, maps and other non-traditional material - Ask at MADGIC, Floor 1.
STP Storage Facility. Material in process and unavailable. Use RACER.
STV Storage Facility. Book this VHS title using Catalogue.
THC Storage Facility. Theses, Circulating. Use Hold/Request button.
THS Storage Facility. Theses, Non circulating. Complete Theses Storage Retrieval Request
VID Videos & Board Games, Library Services Desk, Floor 2
VID2 Video Games, Floor 2 (near Stairwell A)