Item Status

Changes to Library services during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Status Explanation
Binding office Item is waiting to be sent out for binding. Ask Stacks staff. Note that music sheets and theses will not be lent out until bound.
Billed * Library patron has been billed for an item that has been lost or not returned.
Claims retur'd Item is not in library but library patron claims that it has been returned.
Damaged Item is damaged and being evaluated
In library Item is available.
In STP process Item is being processed for the Storage Facility
In transit Item is in transit to its' permanent location in the Library from being on the holdshelf.
In use Item is being used at the Storage Facility.
Library use only Item does not circulate.
Lost Item is reported lost.
Lost and paid * Item which was reported lost has been paid for by the patron. Item may or may not be replaced based on the circulation figures for that item.
Missing * A completed trace procedure has not turned up the item.
No circulation Item does not circulate. (Storage Facility)
Not available Out of circulation for a specific reason.
On holdshelf Item placed on holdshelf and waiting to be picked up by patron.
Online Web resource
Out for mending Material from Course Reserves that is out of circulation for mending
Repair review Under Research Support Services staff review. Ask Stacks staff.

* Item may be requested through InterLibrary Loan using RACER

Content last reviewed: December 6, 2018