Statistical Literacy Tutorial

Welcome to the On-line Statistical Literacy Tutorial page.

The MacOdrum Library has launched the first in a series of tutorials to help students develop key skills in statistical literacy that are essential in their academic lives.

What is statistical literacy?

Statistical literacy is the ability to access, manipulate, interpret, critically evaluate and present data and statistics. The purpose of these tutorials is to introduce you to some essential concepts and skills related to the use of data and statistics.

Who should use this tutorial?

This tutorial is primarily aimed at undergraduate students in the social sciences. However, students in all fields and at all levels of study are encouraged to check it out and improve their statistical literacy skills. This tutorial can serve as a useful refresher on concepts related to data and statistics.

Statistical Literacy Tutorial:

Module 1: Introduction to data

Statistical Literacy Tutorial: Introduction to Data

To access the online tutorial, you will need to self-enroll in the module by following the directions below:

  • Click on the module link above.
  • Sign in to cuLearn with your MyCarletonOne information to access the module.
  • Enter the code stats in the “Enrollment Key” section of the page.

Please note: You can progress through the tutorial at your own pace. It is not formally graded so have some fun as you work through the material!


If you have any questions please contact Data Services at

Content last reviewed: February 9, 2021