Where are the quiet spaces? How do I book a group study room?

Who is in the building? Who can help me?

Floor 2

 Library Services Desk can help you find, borrow, and return library materials. They answer basic questions.


 Reserves Desk can help you get things your professors have put on reserve, both physical and online.


 Research Help Desk can help you do research and find information.


New Sun Joy Adaptive Technology Centre can help students with disabilities who are registered through the Paul Menton Centre


Page Break (Starbucks) can help with caffeine and snacks (though Tunnel Junction is a cheaper alternative)


Floor 3

The Office of the University Librarian for appointments with library adminstration 


Floor 4

Centre for Student Academic Support (CSAS) can help with writing support and study skills (note-taking, avoid procrastination, etc.)


Discovery Centre Desk can help you use the equipment in the Discovery Centre


IT Help Desk can help with printing and photocopying issues, and computer questions and problems


Floor 5

Archives and Research Collections (ARC) can help with finding and using archival material, rare books, and Ottawa resource collection


What kinds of things can people in the library help me with?

Content last updated: August 31, 2018