Featured Collection: Graphic Novels

July 28, 2022

Graphic novels are a medium to convey a variety of genres and topics- fiction and non fiction. "Using sequential art as a story telling device, graphic novels provide highly accessible glimpses into the world of their creators, but in unpredictable ways" (Kristof Avramsson, Library Graphic Novels Display, 2016).

Edward Said (2007) described the power of comics to "say what couldn’t otherwise be said, perhaps what wasn’t permitted to be said or imagined, defying the ordinary processes of thought, which are policed, shaped and re-shaped by all sorts of pedagogical as well as ideological pressures" (introduction to Joe Sacco's Palestine, 2001).


New Resource: Curio.ca

July 20, 2022

Curio.ca provides streaming access to educational video and audio content from CBC and Radio-Canada. It includes programs from The National, Le téléjournal, as well as segments from national and local radio news and episodes from regular television broadcasts (including The Fifth Estate, Marketplace, The Nature of Things). Curio.ca also hosts arts and entertainment programming, including performances from the Stratford Festival, CBC/Radio-Canada drama and comedy programs, and children's programming.


Music Folios Temporarily Unavailable for Browsing

July 13, 2022

Due to the renovation work being done in the Library, the music folios have been moved to temporary shelving and cannot be accessed.

However, if you need to access these items, we can still get them for you!

If you need to access the music folios, please contact Library Services at Library.Services@carleton.ca or call 613-520-2600 x2734.

We expect the renovation work will continue into the Fall semester. We will try to restore browsing access of the music folio collection as soon as we can.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


Book Arts Lab Summer Mini Thursday Workshops

July 13, 2022

Famous Last Words: Intro to Hand Typesetting

July 21, 9 am – noon

Back by popular demand! Take a walk in Gutenberg's clogs by setting a line or two in movable type. Choose from a selection of last utterances of famous folk (they tend to keep it short!) or bring one of your own choosing. We'll gang 'em all up and print 'em on the Vandercook Press.

Level: Easy

Hard Cover a Paperback: Casing-In a Bound Book

August 11, 9 am - noon

Suit up! …a paperback book in hard covers. With a bit of cutting, some folding and & gluing with book cloth and decorative papers, you can elevate your book to last for ages. If you're bringing your own paperback, note that you will have to make some {ahem} alterations to the existing binding.

Level: Easy

This is MY Book: Printing Book Plates

August 18, 9 am – noon

Put your personal stamp on your book collection by printing book plates illustrated with your own lino or softblock cut, a bit of type or with woodcuts and ornaments available in the Lab. Print copies and paste them into your books at home.

Level: Easy

Drawing with Gravers: An Introduction to Wood Engraving

August 25, 9 am - noon

Experiment with tools that created an explosion of illustration in print at the beginning of the 19th century. No artistic skill required! Explore the marks made by different tools and print the results.

Level: Easy

Space is limited. Register by emailing larrythompson@cunet.carleton.ca


Borealis: A New Name for Scholars Portal Dataverse

July 7, 2022

Scholars Portal Dataverse has changed its name to Borealis, the Canadian Dataverse Repository / le dépôt Dataverse canadien. The name and appearance of the repository have changed, but the core service, infrastructure, and support team remain the same.

The Carleton University Dataverse Collection is part of Borealis and is our recommended, multi-disciplinary, secure, research data repository. It provides a platform for:

Learn more about the Carleton University Dataverse Collection, or contact the Data Services team at dataservices@carleton.ca


New Resource: Policy Commons

June 27, 2022

Thanks to the Canadian Policy Research Network (CPRN) Endowment Fund, Carleton Library has access to Policy Commons, which gives access to reports and documents from nongovernmental organizations, intergovernmental organizations, think tanks, government agencies, and educational institutions. The platform also archives lost or orphan content from defunct and inactive policy organizations.


Featured Collection: Indigenous Peoples and Communities

June 21, 2022

June is National Indigenous History Month, and today on the summer solstice, it’s National Indigenous Peoples Day. Library staff have assembled a sample collection of academic books, children's literature, memoirs, and more from Indigenous voices, researchers, and story-tellers.

The Library also has subject guides if you would like more information on Indigenous studies, policy & administration, languages, and cartographic resources.


New Resource: LGBTQ+ Source Database

June 10, 2022

Thanks to the Dr. Ann Denis Endowment, the Library has a new subscription for LGBTQ+ Source database

LGBTQ+ Source provides scholarly and popular LGBTQ+ publications in full text, as well as historically important primary sources, including monographs, magazines and newspapers. It also includes a specialized LGBTQ+ thesaurus containing thousands of terms.

For those interested, here is more information on Dr. Ann Denis, who completed her undergraduate degree at Carleton, as well as going on to do many great things in sociology, and women and gender studies. The Library is very thankful for this generous gift.


Featured Collection: Pride Month

June 9, 2022

To celebrate Pride Month, Library staff have assembled a sample of LGBTQ2IA+ titles we have at Carleton. Happy Pride!


OMNI improvements for borrowing from other libraries are now live!

June 6, 2022

Carleton students, faculty, and staff can now use OMNI to request and borrow books and other physical materials from university libraries across Ontario and beyond.

Carleton library users were already able to use Omni to borrow books from most Ontario university libraries. Now you can use OMNI to request and borrow items from university libraries across Canada, the United States, and other countries. (This replaces the interlibrary loan service that was previously accessed through RACER.)

Borrowing items from libraries has never been easier! Now you can use OMNI to search for books without worrying which library they are located at. Once you find the item you are interested in you’ll be able to review the estimated delivery time as well as the length of loan.

new onmi layout

You can then place the request directly in OMNI. You’ll receive an email from us once the item is ready to be picked up.

We are also launching our Pickup Anywhere service for materials borrowed from OCUL partner libraries in Ontario. With Pickup Anywhere, you can now have eligible materials you request delivered to Carleton or to any participating Ontario university for pick up.

omni updated layout in microsoft teams

For example, you can now have books delivered to uOttawa if that is more convenient for you. The same goes for returns: you’ll be able to drop these books off at any partner library in Ontario.

“There is still a very high demand for physical collections at Carleton and elsewhere,” says Joanne Rumig, Head of Access Services. “The improvements to OMNI will facilitate easy and unmediated access to this wonderful collective collection of books and articles for our patrons.”

For more information contact: Joanne Rumig.


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