December 10, 2012

Due to construction in the library, an alternative silent study area has been created in Paterson Hall during the exam period in rooms 111, 112, 114 and 118. These spaces will be open Monday to Friday 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Your patience and co-operation is appreciated.

December 7, 2012

As we head into the holiday season, we thought we should highlight just a few of the items the library holds which pertain to Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and the Winter Solstice.  They range from books, maps, music scores, sound recordings, videos, and even a video game.  Some of these items are available to sign out, some are electronic and can be viewed from anywhere if you have a Carleton University Campus Card and finally, some of these are for library use only.  Happy Holidays!

December 6, 2012

We are looking for student volunteers for a brief video interview to discuss the Library games collection and how games are used to complete course work at Carleton.

The interview process which will take about 30 minutes, will take place before December 21 and be featured in an online publication produced by the Ontario College and University Library Association.

If you are interested, please contact Robert Smith (Library Subject Specialist, Computer Science, Electronics, Systems Engineering) or Emma Cross (Cataloguing Librarian)  

Thank you!

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December 5, 2012

Former Senator Landon Pearson donated her late husband Geoffrey Pearson's papers to ARC. This documentary collection pertaining to Pearson's career will provide resources for students interested in diplomacy, international relations, and history. View the full story from the Ottawa Citizen here.

November 26, 2012

There will be excessive noise on Level 3 in the Learning Commons area tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov. 27. The noise will last throughout the day and is part of the ongoing construction project at MacOdrum Library.

Please be advised that during the upcoming exam period that begins on Dec. 6, there will be additional study space made available in Paterson Hall. Information about the location of the study space will be announced once it is confirmed.

Your patience and co-operation is appreciated.

November 21, 2012

Wednesday, November 28, 2012                                 Register here: Creating a Research Portfolio
3:30-6:30 pm
2017 Dunton Tower

Artists create portfolios because a “picture is worth a thousand words”—a thoughtful collection of their work allows them to demonstrate effectively the uniqueness of their art as well as the breadth and depth of their talent and skills.

Take a leaf out of their book and create a research portfolio to showcase your professional knowledge and competence. This workshop will help you to:

  • Be reflective about your research activities and competencies
  • Create an e-portfolio based on this reflection using free online software
  • Use the portfolio to think strategically about applications for your research and skills 

By utilizing a conference presentation framework as a research route to portfolio development, this workshop will also illustrate the creative spectrum, from practical to theoretical to artistic.

November 16, 2012

The Library has just added the 50th board game to the immersive media collection: Eclipse: new dawn for the galaxy.

The board game Eclipse places participants in control of a vast interstellar civilization where success depends on exploring new star systems, researching technologies, building spaceships and planning strategic defense and expansion.  Eclipse is a new release from the award winning Finnish game company Oy.

The Library collects video and board games to support courses in game development in the Schools of Computer Science and Information Technology. Board games have also been used in a number of courses at Carleton to demonstrate and teach strategic thinking.

To find this game in the Library catalogue:

Title search: eclipse new dawn for the galaxy

To find other board games in the Library catalogue:

Subject search: board games

Photo curtesy of:

November 12, 2012

The library now has a collection of audio books through OneClickDigital. The collection has approximately 200 Classic titles.

To use:  Create your own New Account, and download the OneClickDigital Media Manager onto your personal computer. Go to Browse (All) to see the entire collection of Classic titles.


November 12, 2012

An important notice to our RACER patrons:

Library and Archives Canada has asked that we forward the notice below:
Interlibrary Loan (ILL) services at Library and Archives Canada (LAC) will end in December 2012.  Users of LAC’s current services should note the following dates:

  • November 16, 2012: End of renewals. All items loaned after this date will be non-renewable.
  • December 11, 2012: End of loan requests, location searches, and ILL-related photocopying services.

If you need any material from Library and Archives Canada, you should be sure to place your request in RACER by December 3, 2012.

November 2, 2012

SpringerLink is moving to a new platform on November 26, 2012 and users will be redirected to the new SpringerLink upon migration. So whether you find a Springer article on Google, via the catalogue or even using an old Springerlink direct url, you will be redirected to the article on the new platform.

However, if you had an individual account set up on the old SpringerLink (My SpringerLink) you will need to go to SpringerLink and set up a new profile/account, because it will not be migrated to the new platform. Make sure to do this while within the institution’s IP range as you will then be automatically associated to the institution’s access rights.

October 29, 2012

Data Citation Index on the Web of Knowledge platform provides a single point of access to quality research data from repositories across disciplines and around the world. The data can be viewed within the context of the scholarly research it supports and connects digital research to powerful new discovery tools.

We welcome your feedback.

Trial ends on November 30, 2012.

October 25, 2012

Back by popular demand! The MacOdrum Library Silent Auction for the United Way! The site is up with 91 items and ready for your bids. This is a great opportunity to start your Christmas shopping. The last day of the auction is Tuesday, Oct. 30. Please read the rules carefully before bidding.


  • Click on the large (not small) image to bid.
  • If you are having difficulty viewing the site in Internet Explorer, try compatibility view. (It is located beside the refresh button)
  • Bids are only posted twice a day, not immediately.
  • You do not receive e-mail notifcation of your bidding, so please keep track.

If you have any questions, please contact Thank you for supporting the United Way and Good Luck!

October 22, 2012

Black Women Writers presents 100,000 pages of literature and essays on feminist issues, written by authors from Africa and the African Diaspora. Facing both sexism and racism, black women needed to create their own identities and movements. The collection documents that effort, presenting the woman’s perspective on the diversity and development of black people generally, and in particular the works document the evolution of black feminism.

We welcome your feedback.

The trial ends on November 21, 2012.

October 22, 2012

If you would like to learn more about open access, there are many resources that can help you:

October 22, 2012

Did you know...

For more information on open access, please visit our website.

October 17, 2012

Editions and Adaptations of Shakespeare contains eleven major editions from the First Folio of 1623 to the Cambridge edition of 1863–66, twenty-eight separate contemporary printings of individual plays and poems, selected apocrypha and related works.

We welcome your feedback.

The trial ends on November 14, 2012.

October 17, 2012

Please be advised that there will be some construction work being done in the Paterson Hall/Southam Hall tunnel area beginning Tuesday, Oct. 16 and is expected to be completed by the end of the week. This work is part of the library renovation. As a result of this work, the tunnel floor may be wet but every effort will be made to keep the area dry.

While this tunnel area will be a little more congested than usual, there will be no access issues for wheelchairs or golf carts.

Your co-operation and patience is appreciated.

October 16, 2012

Contemporary Women's Issues (CWI), a multidisciplinary, full-text database that brings together relevant content from mainstream periodicals, "gray" literature, and the alternative press. There is a focus on the critical issues and events that influence women's lives. CWI includes English-language titles from East and West Africa, Asia, and South and Central America, the Caribbean, North America and Europe.

We welcome your feedback.

The trial ends on November 13, 2012.

October 15, 2012

Oral History Online is a landmark database of English language oral histories. The full-text material includes Ellis Island oral history narratives and rare Black Panther Party interviews. It is also an index to free oral history information on the Web. Working with archives, repositories and individuals, we've indexed oral histories held by organizations around the world.

We welcome your feedback.

The trial ends on November 11, 2012.


October 12, 2012 is the world’s unique virtual concert hall. It is a high definition audiovisual platform, specialized in classical music, opera and dance. It provides a reference catalogue to numerous films, live broadcasts, and unlimited access to a streaming catalogue....

We welcome your feedback.

The trial ends on November 12, 2012.

October 11, 2012

The documents in Confidential Print: Africa, 1834-1966 cover the whole of the modern period of European colonization of the continent. All items marked ‘Confidential Print’ were printed and circulated immediately to leading officials in the Foreign Office, to the Cabinet, and to heads of British missions abroad. They are essential sources for the study of African history and the understanding of Africa today.

We welcome your feedback.

The trial ends on Nov. 10, 2012.

October 9, 2012

Family & Society Studies Worldwide provides comprehensive coverage of research, policy, and practice literature in the fields of Family Science, Human Ecology, Human Development, and Social Welfare. It indexes publications from a wide range of social science disciplines including anthropology, sociology, psychology, demography, health sciences, education, economics, law, history and social work. Source documents include professional journals, conference papers, books, book chapters, government reports, discussion and working papers, statistical documents, theses & dissertations and other sources. Dates covered: 1970 to the present

We welcome your feedback.

The trial ends on Nov. 8, 2012.

October 5, 2012

Canadian Who’s Who is the standard reference source of contemporary Canadian biography. Canadian Who's Who online includes more than 9,000 archived Biographies of Record, in addition to the 13,000 current biographies found in the 2011 print edition.

Please log out when you are finished. Canadian Who’s Who is accessed through Canada's Information Resource Centre which has a limited number of simlutaneous users (4).

We welcome your feedback.

The trial ends on October 31, 2012.

October 2, 2012

Are you interested in writing an article for a scholarly journal?  Check out the Library’s online learning videos to find out more.  ( You can watch videos on your computer or mobile device. Modules include:

  • What has been written on my topic?
  • Where should I publish my article?
  • Journal Ranking
  • Tips for Success
  • Collaboration
  • Know your Options- Traditional vs. Open Access Publishing
  • Gold Open Access
  • Green Open Access

October 2, 2012

In celebration of its 50th year of publishing, the Carleton Library Series invites you to a panel on: "Robert McDougall, The Carleton Library Series and the Founding of Canadian Studies" with Stuart Adam, Michael Gnarowski, Jill Vickers and Brian McKillop.

Wednesday October 10
4:30-6:00 pm
2017 Dunton Tower

The Carleton Library Series is the most enduring and significant initiative taken in the history of Canadian publishing where the editing, reprinting, and dissemination of documents important to the history of Canada is concerned. Initiated in the 1950s  by Carleton University professor of English, R.L. McDougall, and a number of colleagues in disciplines cognate to English Language and Literature, the Series was intended to be a non-fiction counterpart to the New Canadian Library, a series dedicated to re-publication of classic works of Canadian literature in poetry and prose, begun by literary scholar Malcolm Ross. Like the NCL, the Carleton Library Series was first published by McClelland and Stewart, with the first title appearing in 1963. Over the next forty-seven years, well over 200 titles have appeared on a wide variety of subjects related to Canada’s past.

October 1, 2012

As a result of the library renovation, a large number of bays of books on the 5th floor have to be relocated. This process will take a few weeks. Please note that most books will always be accessible but the affected stacks will be out of the standard order. There will be extra stacks staff available to assist users locate books and/or retrieve the books for them.

Starting Oct. 2, there will be welding occurring on the 5th floor and it is expected that there will be a burning smell, as well as some smoke caused by the welding. There is no cause for alarm and library staff will be on the 5th floor monitoring the situation. In the small sections where welding is in process we will not be able to retrieve books on demand.  There may be a delay of several hours in retrieving books.

If you have questions, please contact the library Welcome Desk at ext. 2733

October 1, 2012

The Illustrated London News Historical Archive gives students and researchers full color digitized images of the entire run of the ILN from 1842 to 2003.

17th-18th Century Burney Collection Newspapers are a rich compendium of British history from the early 1600s to the first years of the 19th century.  This collection provides access to the newspapers, pamphlets, and books gathered by the Reverend Charles Burney.  It is one of the largest and most comprehensive collection of early English news media.

We welcome your feedback.

These trials end on November 16, 2012.

September 27, 2012

The renovations to the MacOdrum Library are continuing and will do so into 2013. Remember that during the construction period, the main entrance of the library is located on the south-side (Southam Hall side) of the library. A ramp has been built at the south side entrance for additional accessibility.

Please note that until further notice, there will be no tunnel access to the library.

On Sept. 26 on Level 2 (main floor):  All computer workstations will be disconnected and unavailable in preparation to moving them to the west end of the library. The computers are expected to be available again after Oct. 8. This will be a permanent move and will put the workstations in a quiet area, next to the windows, where they can benefit from natural light. The CCS Help Desk and Reference Desk will also be relocated to that area.  Printers and photocopiers are already available in that area.
The 100 computer workstations on levels 3-5 will remain available throughout this period.

The first week of October: The public area at the east end of the library will be closed off.  Access to the main areas of the library will be through a narrow corridor just past the circulation desk, or by taking the stairs. There will be directional signage to mark these access points.

If you have further questions, please contact the Library Welcome Desk at 613-520-2600 ext. 2733.

Your patience and co-operation is appreciated.

September 27, 2012

Professional Skill Workshops for Graduate Students - Introduction to Data Management

Wednesday October 17, 2012
9:00 am - noon
Room 252 ML

Cost: FREE

Space is limited.  Please register here.

Course description:

Research data are the building blocks of knowledge and understanding of the world around us.  As graduate students, data will likely be an important part of your research endeavour, whether you collect it yourself or reuse existing data.  Increasingly granting institutions such as SSHRC, CIHR and NSERC will require you to have a Data Management Plan in place as part of your grant application.

The workshop will begin by examining what we mean by research data management, why it is important to your work as a graduate student and how research data management is becoming an essential professional skill.  We will then introduce you to tools and exercises that will familiarise you with the process of creating a data management plan and equip you with on-line tutorials that you can use to further your knowledge at your own pace.

This course was offered during the winter term in 2012 and the most frequent comment we heard from participants was: “We wish you had given this early in the fall term.”

September 26, 2012

The Carleton Library Series is celebrating its 50th anniversary. On Oct. 10, a special panel discussion titled Robert McDougall, The Carleton Library Series and the Founding of Canadian Studies is being held to mark the occasion. The panel discussion is being held in room 2017 Dunton Tower, from 4:30 – 6 p.m. Everyone is welcome.

The Carleton Library Series is the most enduring and significant initiative taken in the history of Canadian publishing where the editing, reprinting, and dissemination of documents important to the history of Canada is concerned. The CLS was initiated in the 1950s by Carleton University professor of English, R. L. McDougall and his colleagues. For more than 50 years, over 225 titles have appeared covering Canadian economics, geography, history, politics, public policy, society and culture, and related topics, in the form of leading new scholarship and reprints of classics in these fields. The series is funded by Carleton University and housed in the MacOdrum Library, published by McGill-Queen’s University Press, and is under the guidance of the Carleton Library Series Editorial Board consisting of faculty members of Carleton University.

September 21, 2012

We've just added the 40th board game to our immersive media collection: Nine Men's Morris.

Nine Men's Morris is a strategy board game for two players that emerged from the Roman Empire. One player has nine black playing pieces, the other has nine white playing pieces. The first player to reduce their opponent to two pieces wins. Players capture the opponent's pieces by forming "mills." A mill is three or more pieces of the same color in a row, along a board line.
This game was suggested to us by an alumnae, and was selected to complement our other two-person strategy board games:  Chess, Chinese Checkers, Eastfront, and Smart Go.

Board games are located in a cabinet on the main floor of the Library. Students, faculty and staff can borrow these games from the library for a 14-day loan period, with 3 renewals.  Please see the Circulation Desk staff for access.

The Library collects video and board games to support the game development stream in the faculties of science and engineering.
Please follow this link to suggest new purchases.

September 21, 2012

The Maps, Data and Government Information Centre (MADGIC) has finalized its move to the 1st Floor of the MacOdrum library. The MADGIC reference desk has also relocated on the lower level and is open for research help.

September 14, 2012

The Bloomberg workstation is up and running in its new location at the back of the main floor of the library. 

The Capital IQ workstation is still out of order, though we are trying to get it back in action as quickly as possible.  You can call the Welcome Desk at 613-520-2600 x 2733 to find out its status over the week-end. When Capital IQ is working again, it will also be relocated to the back of the Library.

September 13, 2012

Congratulations to the student winners of library’s Orientation Expo draws

Once again this year, the library was represented at the annual student Orientation Expo, which is an event highlighting more than 150 services on campus that are offered to students.

In addition to the information pamphlets and other items the library offered at its table, there was also a draw for three special prizes.

Congratulations to students Ben Adair who won a USB hub, Caitlin Kelly who won a USB flash drive, and to Andrea Zakaib who won a MacOdrum Library leather-bound notebook.

As well, a special thanks to Joel Rivard, Scott Turner and Robert Smith, who volunteered to staff the event.

By all accounts, the evening was a success and hundreds new students stopped by the library’s table.

September 7, 2012

Once again we are offering NVivo workshops as part of our Professional Skills Development for Graduate Students series of workshops. NVivo is a software package that helps with qualitative data analysis. Registration for some sessions is limited, so sign up soon! Details can be found at

September 4, 2012

With the new school year starting, this is a reminder that the renovations to the MacOdrum Library are continuing and will do so into 2013.

During the construction period, the main entrance of the library is located on the south-side (Southam Hall side) of the library. A ramp has been built at the south side entrance for additional accessibility.

Please note that until further notice, there will be no tunnel access to the library.

There will be periods over the next few months where sections of the collections will be unavailable while a fire suppression system is installed. As information becomes available, details will be posted on the library website at During this time, only staff with safety equipment will be able to enter those areas and retrieve books. Books should be retrieved within an hour of being requested.  Each area will be closed for about a week. Please consult the library's website for further information at:

Major construction will be taking place on level 2 and there will be signage to indicate which parts of the second floor are affected. During this period, access to the rest of the library will be through a narrow corridor which will also have signage.  As a result, this will mean that the Information Commons computer lab will be permanently moved to the extension wing of the library. There will be about a week when the lab will be out of service during the move. When that timeline has been confirmed, the dates will be posted on the library's website at:

Study areas will be reduced over the next semester in particular.  Construction noise will impact even the quiet study areas. 

Study areas:
* Level 1 - study area in extension
* Level 2 -  a new classroom is being constructed in the old library building, this will be a study area when not being used for teaching; study area in extension
* Level 3 - study area and computer lab in extension, some carrels in old library building
* Level 4 - study area will be reduced when construction on new elevators and link to new floor added
* Level 5 - study area will be reduced when construction on new elevators and link to new floor added

If you have further questions, please contact the Library Welcome Desk at 613-520-2600 ext. 2733.

Your patience and co-operation is appreciated.

August 28, 2012

American Film Scripts Online contains 1,009 scripts by numerous writers together with detailed, fielded information on the scenes, characters and people related to the scripts. In addition, the database includes facsimilie images for more than 500 of these screenplays.

We welcome your feedback.

The trial ends on September 26, 2012.

August 23, 2012

The Recreational Reading, Daily Newspapers and Video Game and Games collection have all been relocated to the back of Level 2 of the Library. 

This move will allow the construction at the front of the Library to continue.

August 13, 2012

Due to construction the  main entrance hallway will be closed for two weeks starting August 14th.   The Library entrance remains the same, but once inside the rest of the Library is reached through the Circulation office on the left, and then a smaller corridor. 

We do apologise for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

August 13, 2012

We apologize but due to the renovations the Joy Maclaren Adaptive Technology Centre (JMC) will be closed from Monday August 13th to Tuesday September 4th.

Arrangements have been made for JMC students to use the Paul Menton Centre Adaptive Technology Lab located in Unicentre Room 512 (turn right off the elevator).

During this time JMC Student Attendants will be on duty in the PMC lab from Monday to Thursday 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm, Friday 11:00 am – 4:00 pm. No attendants on Saturdays and Sundays.

August 10, 2012

Library Reserve requests are now being accepting for the upcoming winter term. Ares, our reserve management system makes it easy for you to put your course readings, whether print or electronic, on reserve at the library. Ares helps ensure copyright compliance by only allowing you to post material with the proper clearance.

For your students, Ares integrates seamlessly with cuLearn for convenient access to your course readings.

If you are new to Ares or would like to submit your reading list please email for assistance.

For more information, see:

Library Reserves - Faculty and Instructors

August 8, 2012

Please be advised that on Wednesday, Aug. 8 there will be no air conditioning in the Library, due to the ongoing construction project. Your patience and co-operation is appreciated.

August 1, 2012

On Wednesday, August 1st at 10pm, the domestic water supply in MacOdrum Library will be shut off in order to repair a broken valve.  The shutdown is anticipated to last about one hour.  Water will be turned back on once the repairs are complete.

July 27, 2012

Due to construction in the Library, sections of Level 4 will be closed for about three weeks.  The books affected will be indicated in the catalogue.  To get books in a closed section listed below, please fill out a form at the Welcome Desk.  There will be several pickups a day.  Most books will be retrieved within four hours during the day, Monday to Friday,  but book cannot be retrieved evenings or weekends.

Once a book has been retrieved, it will be put on “HOLD”  for you at the Circulation Desk.

H-HF  July 27 – Aug 17     Business, Economics, Public Policy and Administration

July 25, 2012

The Faculty of Public Affairs is launching its first annual FPA Reads event by encouraging people to read George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. In addition to several copies on the shelves, the Library is also providing two additional print copies on reserve. There’s also an electronic version available on Project Gutenberg. For more information, please visit the FPA website.

July 25, 2012

Ares will be unavailable on Tuesday August 7, 2012, from approximately 9 am to 12 pm due to software maintenance.

Our apologies for the inconvenience.
Please email any questions to

July 25, 2012

Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL) joins Public Knowledge Project as major development partner in open access scholarly publishing

Building on an established record of success in supporting nearly 100 open access journals using Open Journal Systems (OJS), the Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL) announces a major development partnership with the Public Knowledge Project (PKP). The partnership means that OCUL will contribute to software development, testing, support, and hosting of the PKP open source software suite - Open Journal Systems (OJS), Open Conference Systems (OCS), and Open Harvester System (OHS), with Open Monograph Press (OMP) due for release this year.

Chuck Eckman, Dean of Library Services at Simon Fraser University, stated "The Ontario Council of University Libraries has a long record of accomplishment based on inter-institutional collaborations, and we are looking forward to the successes that will no doubt flow from this new 'mega-partnership' between OCUL and PKP.”

“The open access momentum is building in Ontario’s universities, mirroring the transformation of scholarly communications practices everywhere” noted Margaret Haines, OCUL Chair and University Librarian at Carleton University, “Staff in five of our libraries have a wealth of experience with OJS, having worked with these systems over the past 8 years. In late 2011, OCUL decided to support its members by opening an OJS hosting service provided by Scholars Portal, our shared technology infrastructure; as a result, there are already two new libraries supporting OJS on their campuses.” The OJS and software development expertise held by staff in OCUL member libraries and the Scholars Portal Operations Team will contribute greatly to the partnership with PKP.

OCUL strives to be a leader in the development of partnerships to expand Canada’s digital research infrastructure. Scholars Portal preserves and provides access to information resources collected and shared by Ontario’s university libraries, including more than 13,000 full-text journals. OCUL has committed to support open access journals by including this content in Scholars Portal. Haines stated, “We expect continued strategic open access activity; with the support of all of our members this year, OCUL has welcomed the opportunity for a major development partnership with PKP.”

John Willinsky, Khosla Family Professor of Education at Stanford University, Distinguished Scholar in Residence at SFU Library and Professor (Limited Term) in Publishing Studies at Simon Fraser University, and founding Director of PKP, stated “The extensive and effective cooperation that OCUL has brought about among research libraries in Ontario is very much in the spirit of PKP’s own efforts to contribute to a broader intellectual commons, and as a former Ontario school teacher, as well as one who found his early inspiration in a few of those very libraries, I am especially delighted to be entering into a partnership with OCUL.“

OCUL is a consortium of Ontario’s 21 university libraries. Its strength lies in its commitment to work together to maximize collective expertise and resources. OCUL enhances information services in Ontario and beyond through collective purchasing and shared digital information infrastructure, collaborative planning, advocacy, assessment, research, partnerships, communications, and professional development. (For further information contact Kathy Scardellato, OCUL Executive Director, at, 416-946-0578.)

PKP is dedicated to improving the scholarly and public quality of research.  With more than 12,800 installations of Open Journal Systems (OJS); Open Conference Systems (OCS); and Open Harvester Systems (OHS) around the world, the Public Knowledge Project (PKP) has proven that open source software can be a game changer in scholarly publishing.

In September 2011, PKP officially launched a major sustainability campaign to ensure the continued development and enhancement of its open source software suite and to provide better support for the growing PKP user community.  To find out more about this initiative and how your site can become a PKP sponsor visit the PKP Web site at

July 12, 2012

Short Story Index aims to index all the important collections and anthologies of short stories that are published each year. All literay genres are covered. Content includes detailed indexing of more than 117,000 stories from more than 4,200 collections and anthologies and full text for nearly 5,000 stories. Coverage is from (1984)-

Short Story Index Retrospective provides access to the full content of the Short Story Index from 1915 through to 1983. Content includes bibliographic entries on more than 150,000 short stories, and citations to short stories published from the 1830s to the 1980s, from some 350 periodicals and collections of short stories.

We welcome your feedback.

These trials end on August 10, 2012.



July 10, 2012

Due to construction in the Library, a section of floor 5 will be closed for about 3 weeks.  The books affected will be indicated in the catalogue.  To get books in a closed section listed below, please fill out a form at the Welcome Desk.  There will be several pick-ups a day.  Most books will be retrieved within 4 hours during the day, Monday – Friday,  but cannot be retrieved evenings or week-ends.
Once the book has been retrieved, it will be put on “HOLD”  for you at the Circulation desk.

Level Call # Range Dates Departments most affected
5 A-BX July 10 – July 30 Philosophy, Religion, Psychology
4 H-HF early August Business, Economics, Public Policy and Administratio

The earlier schedule announced at the beginning of June had to be altered. The dates for work on Level 4 will be announced as soon as they are determined.

July 9, 2012


As part of the renovations to the Library a Sprinkler System is being installed in the front section of the Library starting with Level 3.  On Monday July 9th the entire front area of level 3 (the old Library) will be closed.  Ask at the Welcome Desk for books in that area to be retrieved for you.  We expect to be able to deliver them to you within 30 minutes of the request.

The workstations on level 3 (in the extension) will not be affected by this.

Once the first stage of sprinkler installation is finished, sections of level 3 will be re-opened.  After this, Levels 4 and 5 will be affected.

July 6, 2012

The Fine Arts and Music Collection provides support for research in areas such as drama, music, art history, and filmmaking. The collection has more than 150 full-text magazines and journals which are covered in databases such as the Wilson Art Index and RILM.

We welcome your feedback.

The trial ends on Aug. 3, 2012.

July 6, 2012

The Library Copy Centre Office will be closed from July 3rd to August 10th inclusive.  The office will reopen with regular Monday – Friday hours on August 13th.

Photocopy cards ($5 or $10 amounts) are available at the Circulation Desk.

Photocopiers are available throughout the Library and are being restocked on a daily basis. Any problems should be reported to the Welcome Desk.


July 4, 2012

Entertainment Industry Magazine Archive contains the essential primary sources for studying the history of the film and entertainment industries, from the era of vaudeville and silent movies through to 2000. The core US and UK trade magazines covering film, music, broadcasting and theater are included, together with film fan magazines and music press titles. Magazines have been scanned cover-to-cover in color, with granular indexing of all articles, covers, ads and reviews.

We welcome your feedback.

The trial ends on August 3, 2012.

July 3, 2012

The Circle of Friends is pleased to announce that we recently donated $2000 to student bursaries and $17,767.60 to the Library Endowment Fund.

Thank you to Circle members for your support and attendance at our annual book sale and other events. Future support is welcome as the library continues to build the collection, expand and improve space and increase access to services and resources.  Go to Support the Library for information. 

July 3, 2012

The Circle will no longer charge a membership fee but will continue to host events of interest. Announcements will be available via email and on our web page. To subscribe or unsubscribe to the email list please send an email to Marsha Poole at .


June 27, 2012

The library has recently acquired 2 new databases - the Annual CRSP 1925 US Stock Database and the Annual CRSP 1925 US Indices Database available through CRSP Database @ CHASS.

The CRSP 1925 US Stock Database contains daily and monthly market and corporate action data for securities with primary listings on the NYSE, NYSE Amex, NASDAQ, and Arca exchanges and includes CRSP broad market indices. The CRSP 1925 US Indices Database contains five groups of CRSP indices: the CRSP Stock File Indices, the CRSP Cap-Based Portfolios, the CRSP Indices for the S&P 500 Universe, the CRSP Treasury and Inflation (CTI) Indices, and the CRSP Select Treasury Indices.

June 27, 2012

The Library now has online access to State Papers Online, 1509-1714 - a collection of English government documents originating from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

The papers feature the office archives and correspondence of the secretaries of state serving the Monarch as facsimile manuscript documents accessed directly or via the fully searchable Calendar entries (abstracts or transcriptions). This collection contains information on every facet of English government, including social and economic affairs, law and order, religious policy, crown possessions and intelligence gathering as well as Britain's international relations and foreign policy.

Check it out:

June 21, 2012

Rock and Roll, Counterculture, Peace and Protest: Popular Culture in Britain and America, 1950-1975 explores the dynamic period of social, political and cultural change between 1950 and 1975. The resource offers thousands of colour images of manuscript and rare printed material as well as photographs, ephemera and memorabilia from this exciting period in our recent history.

The trial ends on July 20, 2012.

We welcome your feedback.

June 21, 2012

The International Index of Music Periodicals Full Text is an unrivaled resource for music research. This database provides indexing and abstracts for several hundred international music periodicals from over 20 countries, plus full text for more than 140 of the indexed journals. It covers the full spectrum of subjects and all aspects of music, including music education, performance, ethnomusicology, musical theatre, theory, popular music forms and composition.

The trial ends on July 15, 2012.

We welcome your feedback.

June 21, 2012

Archives and Research Collections will operating by appointment only during the next three weeks to facilitate renovation work.

If you would like access to ARC’s books and/or archival material (or you have Inter Library Loan material in ARC) please email Lloyd Keane ( or call 613-520-2600 x2739 to book a reference appointment.

June 20, 2012

New titles have recently been added to the Recreational Reading Collection that is located on the main floor of the Library. There are now over 400 titles in the collection including;

The Help by Kathryn Stockett
Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett
The Forest Laird : a Tale of William Wallace by Jack Whyte

Have you read a good book lately? Let us know! Submit your book review to the Carleton Recreational Reading Blog!

June 8, 2012

Due to the ongoing library renovation construction, the main entrance of the library will close the week of June 11 and for the duration of the construction. When the main entrance closes, access into the library will be relocated to the south-side (Southam Hall side) door.

A ramp has been built at the south side entrance for additional accessibility.

Your patience and co-operation is appreciated.


June 7, 2012

The March of Time is a newsreel series which was produced by Time Inc. from 1935 to 1967. The newsreels have been restored and are now available in online streaming video in a single, cross-searchable collection.

The trial has been extended until July 20, 2012.

We welcome your feedback.

June 5, 2012

Music Online: Smithsonian Global Sound for Libraries is the largest and most comprehensive streaming audio collection of world music. It currently provides streaming access to tracks from the Smithsonian archives and world music archives in Asia and Africa.

We also have a trial to Music Online, a resource that allows users to cross-search all of the Alexander Street Press music databases that Carleton subscribes to - Classical Music Library, Classical Scores Library, and Garland Encyclopedia of World Music as well as the trial to Music Online: Smithsonian Global Sound for Libraries.

The trials end on July 4, 2012.

We welcome your feedback.

June 1, 2012

Due to construction in the Library, sections of floors 3, 4 and 5 will be closed for about 3  weeks each.  The books affected will be indicated in the catalogue.  To get books in a closed section listed below, please fill out a form at the Welcome Desk.  There will be several pick-ups a day.  Most books will be retrieved within 4 hours during the day, Monday – Friday,  but cannot be retrieved evenings or week-ends.

Once the book has been retrieved, it will be put on “HOLD”  for you at the Circulation desk.


Call #

Approximate Dates

Departments most affected



June 1 - 22

Music, Visual Arts



June 25 - July 13

Business, Economics, Public Policy and Administration



July 16 - Aug 3

Philosophy, Religion, Psychology


June 1, 2012

Counseling and Psychotherapy Transcripts, Client Narratives, and Reference Works contains reference works, first-person narrative accounts, and transcripts of real therapy and counseling sessions to provide a comprehensive primary look at the experience of mental illness, counseling, and therapy.

The trial ends on June 30, 2012.

We welcome your feedback on this database.

May 25, 2012

Staff from the Research Help Desk/Reference Department are still available to assist with your research.  We are temporarily located in the Dunton Tower. Please make an appointment with your subject specialist for assistance.  Here is the list of available specialists:

May 23, 2012

The Index to Printed Music (IPM) is an invaluable resource for finding individual pieces of music printed in standard scholarly editions. Included is music from ancient Greek times to the present.

The trial ends on June 21, 2012.

We welcome your feedback.

May 22, 2012

The John Johnson Collection, an Archive of Printed Ephemera is the product of a partnership between the Bodleian Library and ProQuest which conserved, catalogued and digitised 67,754 documents (a total of 174,196 high-resolution colour images) drawn from the John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera. It provides access to a wide array of rare or unique archival materials documenting various aspects of everyday life in Britain in the eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

This trial ends on June 22, 2012.

We welcome your feedback.


May 2, 2012

Food Science and Technology Abstracts (FSTA) provides coverage of pure and applied research in food science, food technology, and food-related human nutrition. It covers the complete food manufacturing cycle, from initial market research to final packaging. FSTA includes food-related literature from journals, books, conference proceedings, reports, theses, patents, standards, and legislation.

The trial has been extended until June 29, 2012.

We welcome your feedback.


May 1, 2012


The Carleton University Library invites you to apply for the Carleton University Research Impact Endeavour (CURIE) Fund. The CURIE Fund is a pilot project to provide funds for the reimbursement of reasonable article processing fees for articles authored or co-authored by Carleton researchers. It is available to researchers whose work is published in eligible peer-reviewed open access journals, for which no alternative funding is available.

Applicants are encouraged to read more about the CURIE Fund online, which includes eligibility guidelines, information about how the fund is administered, publicity, and application procedures.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact

Photo courtesy of: h_pampel, Flickr. Uploaded on June 7, 2009; accessed April 30, 2012.

April 23, 2012

As a result of the ongoing renovations to the library, the pedestrian pathway between the library and Southam Hall will be now be closed on April 26 (not April 24) between 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. due to work being done on the outside of the building.
Please note: Pathway access to Southam Hall and its elevator will still be available from the Quad.

Library Parking Garage Access

The two pedestrian exits from the library parking garage will be closed on Thursday during this time. The pedestrian tunnel access to and from the parking garage will remain open. Access to the underground parking garage will not be interrupted and  a flag person will be on site to control traffic.
Tunnel Access

As of April 26, all tunnel access into the library will be unavailable until further notice.

Reminder: Para Transpo
For any person requiring drop off or pick up by Para Transpo in the Library/Southam Hall area should use the University Centre or Paterson Hall pick up and drop off areas.

Your patience and co-operation through the construction period is appreciated.

April 20, 2012

Scholars Portal Earth Day 2012 Library Guide 
See this library guide for resources on climate change, environmentalism, agro-farming and more available through Scholars Portal and the library.

April 19, 2012

Currently On Trial: SAGE Research Methods Online

SAGE Research Methods Online is designed to help create research projects and understand the methods behind them.  The taxonomy of over 1,400 methods terms links to authoritative content, including over 604 books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, two major works collating a selection of journal articles and newly commissioned videos."

This trial ends May 19, 2012.

We welcome your feedback

April 16, 2012

Due to the construction in MacOdrum Library, an alternative Silent study area has been created in Porter Hall (University Centre) during the exam period.

Open from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m:

Thursday April 5
Tuesday April 10 – Friday April 13
Monday April 23 – Tuesday April 24

April 13, 2012

Another successful year for the Food for Fines drive! 585 items of food were collected for the food bank and just over $1000.00 of fines were waived from library accounts. Thank you to everyone who participated.

April 11, 2012

Due to the ongoing construction to renovate MacOdrum Library, the south side walkway between the library and Southam Hall will be closed to all pedestrian traffic April 12 and 13 due to heavy construction occurring on the outside of the library building.

Persons requiring drop off or pick up by Para Transpo in the Library/Southam Hall area during these two days, should use the University Centre or Paterson Hall pick up and drop off areas.

Please note that access to the library parking garage will not be affected.

Your co-operation and patience during the library construction is appreciated.



April 5, 2012

On Good Friday, April 6, Van’s Mobile Wash has been scheduled to conduct the high-pressure spray and washdown of the walls and driving surfaces in the Library Garage as part of our annual maintenance program.

As a result, the Library Garage will be closed from Thursday night at 10:30 p.m. until Saturday morning at 7 a.m. to allow Van’s to perform this work. During this closure, Library Garage permit holders may park in any visitor parking area on campus - parking on university-recognized statutory holidays is free. Good Friday is a university-recognized statutory holiday.

Please keep in mind that Easter Monday, April 9, is considered a normal business day for the university and parking operations and payment for parking is required.

March 29, 2012

"Cambridge Books Online offers access to eBooks covering subjects from all disciplines across science, technology and medicine, as well as humanities and social sciences."

This trial ends May 3, 2012.

We welcome your feedback.

March 27, 2012

IEEE Xplore is being updated on April 1, 2012. All current saved searches and search history records will be deleted at this time. Users may want to copy and paste their saved searches into a document so they can recreate them after launch. IEEE has communicated to all saved search alert holders about this change. Table of Contents alerts are not affected and will remain active.

March 27, 2012

The Brill Middle East and Islamic Studies and the Brill Social Sciences e-book collections, as well as the Martinus Nijhoff International Law collection, have been updated to include all 2011 publication titles. 

For more information on these titles, or to provide feedback, please contact Reference Services

March 26, 2012

Due to the MacOdrum Library renovations, Library Road will be closed from the entrance to Parking Lot 1 to the traffic circle near the Azrieli Pavillion. This closure will be in effect until the end of construction. All companies affected for delivery purposes will be notified. The only access to the roadway will be given to emergency vehicles.

Para Transpo is aware of the road closure. Please note: When making arrangements with Para Transpo, they are able to provide clients with alternate locations on campus for pick up and/or drop off.

If you have questions about the road closure, please contact the Maintenance Control Centre at ext. 3668 (direct dial 520-3668) or email

March 20, 2012

Renovations to update the MacOrdrum Library will require the removal of asbestos containing materials (i.e.textured ceiling finish on the 3rd and 5th floors). Each floor will take approximately two weeks to complete. The asbestos removal work is expected to be finished by the end of April.

The asbestos remediation operations will be completed in accordance to Ontario Regulation 278/05: Asbestos on Construction Projects and in Building and Repair Operations under the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act. Carleton’s Environmental Health and Safety Department will be reviewing and inspecting the operations performed by the asbestos abatement contractor, as well as collecting air samples, to ensure the safety of the occupants within the Library and to ensure that compliance with Ontario Regulation 278/05 is maintained at all times.

Facilities Management and Planning appreciates your co-operation.

March 19, 2012

Bring in non-perishable food (canned or packaged) items to the Library Circulation Desk between March 26 and April 2 and we will waive up to $20 of library fines.  Each item is worth $2 in current fines (maximum 10 items per person). All food donations will go to the CUSA Food Centre to help students in need.

For more information contact Ingrid Draayer, Head of Library Access services:

March 19, 2012

Irwin Law E-Library currently offers over 100 titles in Law.  New titles are added regularly as they are published.

The trial ends April 9, 2012.

We welcome your feedback on this database.

March 7, 2012

Due to the construction, there will be no tunnel access into the Library except for persons with disabilities. The access for persons with disabilities will be from the Dunton corridor only. This access will only be available until April 25. After that date, there will be no tunnel access to the Library until further notice.

More information about the Library Renovations is available at:

March 1, 2012

This new GIS portal will allow access to selected large scale geospatial datasets owned and licensed by Ontario institutions.  Sophisticated search, discovery and analysis tools will make vector and raster data readily available to you at your fingertips.  The data can be exported in a number of popular formats, including as a shapefile, DWG, DXF, GeoTiff, and MrSID.

Scholars GeoPortal is being officially launched on March 1.   Access the Portal at:

For more information, please contact the GIS Librarian, David Sharp

February 28, 2012

Carleton Library, the Graduate Student Association (GSA), and the Office of the Vice President (Research & International) (OVPRI) are pleased to announce the winners of the 2011-2012 Graduate Student Open Access Award.  This monetary award of $1000.00 was established to support Carleton University graduate students in publishing research in open access journals.  The award recipients are:

Jennifer R. Whitson, PhD candidate, Sociology
“Rule making and rule breaking: Game development and the governance of emergent behaviour” from Fibreculture Journal (2010) Issue 16, Special Issue on Counterplay.

Philip Martin, Masters candidate, International Affairs
“Intervening for Peace? Dilemmas of Liberal Internationalism and Democratic Reconstruction in Afghanistan” from Journal of Military and Strategic Studies (Spring 2011) 13(3)

Lisa Neville, PhD candidate, Earth Science
“Seasonal environmental and chemical impact on the amoebian community composition in an oil sands reclamation wetland in Northern Alberta” from Palaeontologia Electronica (2010) 14(2)

Wayne Knee, PhD candidate, Biology
“Interactive HTML-based dichotomous key to female Rhinonyssidae (Mesotigmata) from birds in Canada” from Canadian Journal of Arthropod Identification (2010) Issue 9.

Nikolai Chepelev, PhD candidate, Biology
“The NrF1 CNC-bZIP protein is regulated by the proteasome and activated by hypoxia” from PLoS ONE (2011) 6(12)

These papers will be submitted into Carleton’s new institutional repository (CURVE) which collects, preserves and makes accessible Carleton’s digital research materials.  With over 30 applications, the Scholarly Communications selection committee was impressed with so many graduate students making their works more widely available in open access journals, thereby increasing the visibility and impact of their research in advancing knowledge and improving the global community. For more information (including bios and links to the winning papers), please visit our website.

February 27, 2012

Congratulations to Carleton student Verina Defalco, the lucky winner of an iPad. She was one of 350 students,staff and faculty who completed a library feedback form in February. Thanks to everyone who took the time to take the survey about Circulation Desk services. Your ratings and comments will help us to know what we are doing right and what we could do better!

February 23, 2012

Temporary walls are being put in place on levels 3, 4 and 5 on the side of the building facing the quad.  This will permit the creation of a new glass facade that will increase and improve study space, and provide a wonderful view.  During construction, the seating in these areas will be redistributed throughout the Library.

We regret that this will temporarily create a number of dead-end rows of books. Please ask at the Welcome Desk on level 2 if you need assistance in retrieving books from them.

Construction will usually take place Monday to Friday, from 7 am to 3 pm.

February 16, 2012

We have a trial to Canada Supreme Court Reports (1876-2010) from HeinOnline. This title includes Reports of the Supreme Court of Canada (1876-1923), Canada Law Reports (1923-1969) and Canada Supreme Court Reports (1970) -.

The trial runs until Feb. 29, 2012.

We welcome your feedback on this title.

February 8, 2012

We have a trial to the American Antiquarian Society (AAS) Historical Periodicals Collection. The collection features about 7600 American periodicals published from the seventeenth through the late nineteenth century. It is available in five series: Series 1 (1691-1820), Series 2 (1821-1837), Series 3 (1838-1852), Series 4 (1853-1865), Series 5 (1866-1877).

The trial expries on Apr. 2, 2012.

We welcome your feedback on this database.


February 2, 2012

As part of the Library Renovations, the Reference Collection will be moving into the MADGIC area.  This will make space for the construction of a new Instruction Centre, next to PageBreak, replacing room 102 on Floor 1.  This  new room will provide an excellent space for instruction and be made available as a computer lab and study space for students when not required for teaching. Completion is scheduled for August 2012. 

For a map showing the new location of the Reference Collection, please refer to the Floor Maps page.

For more news on the ongoing renovations, please see the Renovations Category of the News Archive.

January 31, 2012

Today it all begins. The contractors are bringing material into Floor 1, and will start constructing a temporary wall to allow for the construction of a new space for the Maps, Data and Government Information Centre (MADGIC) and the creation of a splendid new reading room. The Library Copy Shop, compact shelving, Instruction Centre (room 102), and Library Support areas on that floor are still accessible. Expect some noise as the wall is built. In the weeks to come there will be more noise as the renovation continues.   Construction will usually take place from 7 am - 3 pm, Monday to Friday. This area is expected to start re-opening in summer 2012.

We appreciate your patience during this renovation period.

For more news on the ongoing renovations, please see the Renovations Category.

If you have further questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Valerie Critchley.

January 26, 2012

Register for a citation management workshop

Come and discover a variety of tools that can help you organize and manage your citations and documents, as well as create bibliographies and papers formatted in a variety of styles (APA, MLA, Chicago...). Tools covered include RefWorks, WizFolio, and Mendeley.

Workshops begin on Feb 7, see full schedule for details

January 26, 2012

To complete the set up for the MacOdrum Library Expansion Project, it will be necessary to close the west tunnel door at the Library tunnel entrance.

The closure will take place Jan. 25 and will be in place for the duration of project, reopening in April 2013. Access and alternate exits are available through the tunnel /first level of Dunton Tower, the Quad at Azreili Pavilion and through the Azreili Pavilion from Library Road. The area, including exiting will be clearly signed.

More information on the library expansion, can be found at:

Facilities Management and Planning appreciates your patience as we undertake this major construction project.

January 19, 2012

Update: The elevator is now functioning normally.

The elevator serving the 4th and 5th floors of the library is out of service.  We are waiting for a replacement part.  Once we have more information we will post it here.  For assistance in retrieving items for these floors, please ask at the Welcome Desk.

Contact for more information.

January 12, 2012

January is Canada’s Aboriginal Awareness Month.  Visit the library for music, multimedia and much more, including:

  • Fish Out of Water (seasons 1, 2 and 3) is the Aboriginal People’s Television Network’s (APTN) documentary series featuring host Don Kelly as he journeys back to traditional native lands to discover the origins of his heritage.
  • Two Indians Talking is a humorous, uncensored conversation between two First Nation men who are about to take part in their community's roadblock. 
  • Indian music of the Pacific Northwest is a two-disc collection that includes songs about love, celebration and war.
  • Cultural sharings and reflections: a reflection on Elder William Commanda's work.  Elder Commanda is recognized as a First Nations leader, both in Canada and around the world. He was the chief of the Kitigan Zibi First Nation near Maniwaki, Quebec, from 1951 to 1970 and died last year at the age of 97.

January 10, 2012

The Benezit Dictionary of Artists has over 190,000 entries on artists from antiquity to the present day and is one of the most comprehensive and definitive resources on artists in the English language. It contains thousands of auction records, museum holdings and bibliographies, has superb coverage of obscure artists and also includes images of artists’ signatures, monograms and stamps. The database is updated 3 times per year to reflect new scholarship, artists and updates to existing entries.

The Benezit Dictionary of Artists is available on Oxford Art Online and is cross-searchable with Grove Art Online and other Oxford art reference resources.

Guided Tour of database.

The trial has been extended until Feb. 15, 2012.

We welcome your feedback on this database.

January 5, 2012

The construction project for the MacOdrum Library begins this month!

The contractors have already installed their site hut in the parking lot between Dunton Tower and the library, near the canal.  We are moving out the last of the skids of shelving and chairs on the first floor to make room for the renovation of that space which is expected to start at the end of January. 

The detailed construction schedule is being finalized, and we expect to give you detailed information shortly.

January 5, 2012

Please be advised that the technology-free room (room 507) is no longer available for individual study.  

Instead the room will be used to meet the growing needs of Archives and Research Collections to give access to and host teaching opportunities using their collections. Silent study space is available throughout the floor 3 and floor 5. 

If you have any concerns please contact Valerie Critchley, Associate University Librarian - Building Management and Operational Planning.