Art-Full Gaming Exhibit

What was the first video game that truly thrilled you and filled you with wonder?  The first game that thrilled me was the 1989 NES version of Ninja Gaiden that combined fast-paced action platforming and dramatic movie cut scenes - I have been chasing that thrill ever since. 

The Art-full Gaming Exhibit in the library highlights a handful of games that truly exemplify the otherworldly art and graphics experienced through video games.  These games are artful in their imagery, lore, and their ability to evoke emotion from the player.  These games transcend the run and gun by working with themes such as grief, loss, love, and friendship.  In addition to being artful, some of these games are really challenging!

Most of the games featured in our exhibit are available either to play on Steam in the gaming lab or to borrow from reserves (Ni No Kuni II PS4).