Carleton to Participate in OCUL’s Collaborative Futures Project

We want to take this opportunity to inform the Carleton community that the MacOdrum Library will be participating in the implementation of OCUL’s (Ontario Council of University Libraries’) Collaborative Futures project.

Work on this project will begin this summer and will take place over the coming year. We are committed to keeping you updated throughout the implementation process, to show you the kinds of changes you can expect to see and how they will enhance your own use of library resources.

Project Background

The Collaborative Futures project foresees the selection, procurement, and implementation of a shared library services platform (LSP) among OCUL members, allowing for improved management and preservation and of library collections, streamlined internal operations, improved discovery of and access to these collections, and increased support for the educational and research needs of students and faculty at Ontario’s university libraries.

Benefits of this shared LSP for users, including students, faculty and researchers include improved user experience, integration with university financial systems, and a shared user interface providing opportunities to collaborate in the areas of mobility, accessibility, and usability in order to improve the user experience across all OCUL libraries.

This collaboration envisions the implementation of a single system with a shared infrastructure, but that would also allow for tailoring to meet the needs of local user communities. This initiative will allow OCUL members to reap the benefits of collaboration in those areas where it makes most sense to collaborate, while facilitating local differences where necessary.

The primary outcomes for Collaborative Futures include:

  • Common Discovery interface
  • Shared patron services and policies
  • Interlibrary loan and fulfillment
  • Shared management of records for print and electronic resources
  • Shared analytics

We will be sending out updates to the Carleton community throughout the project implementation. You can also check out our Collaborative Futures website for continued updates throughout the project.

If you have any questions about Collaborative Futures, please send them along to