COVID-19 and Return of Library Materials

Recently we extended the due dates of library material until May 31st as the Library Building is still closed due to COVID-19. If you have returned material recently, the items will still appear on your library account as items are currently not being check in. Rest assured, once we open we will be processing all items and there will be no charges associated with this period. 

If you still have library materials checked out please hold on to them if you are in the Ottawa area until we reopen. If you are leaving Ottawa, please drop them off to one of the return slots located either on Library Road or near the front entrance. They will be checked in once the building is open again.

If you have interlibrary loan items that you received before we closed, please follow the same guidelines as above. 

For students who returned home earlier this term and have items from the library, you will be able to drop them off to your closest university library in Ontario once they begin to open.

For graduating students:

If you still have materials checked out on your Library account this will not impact your graduation.

Please return your library materials if you are leaving Ottawa at the end of term. Once the Library building is open, staff will contact you should be any questions or items still on your Library Account then.

Thanks very much for your patience during this time and reaching out with questions.