April 13, 2022

Carleton University has received a funding grant from the Digital Research Alliance of Canada to implement “Beyond the RDM checkbox: An RDM webinar series to build expertise for all”.

This webinar series will allow us to offer the Carleton community increased awareness of Research Data Management (RDM) through the publication of an online repository of existing training materials and through delivery of a proposed RDM webinar series at Carleton University in Spring 2023.

“Essentially, we want to help explain and show our community how research data management can help them” says Jane Fry, Data Services Librarian, and the project lead. “This webinar series will go a long way in helping us to do that.”

The project has a number of objectives at its core, namely to:

  • Expand support for RDM activities at Carleton by the training of librarians and research facilitators through the proposed webinar series;
  • Apply new skills and knowledge of the research community through increased uptake of RDM tools available to Carleton researchers; and
  • Increase accessibility to RDM resources through the development of adaptable webinars for other institutions.

The Digital Research Alliance of Canada plays a critical role in advancing the Government of Canada’s National DRI Strategy. It coordinates and funds activities related to and including Advanced Research Computing, Research Data Management, and Research Software.

“There are a number of steps that need to take place in order to get the webinar series running and the project team has already begun the work to get this moving,” says Andrea Lawrance, Director, Carleton Office for Research Initiatives and Services. “The work that has gone into developing this project will help us deliver this important webinar series to the Carleton community and beyond.”

These steps include: hiring graduate students to undertake an environmental scan of existing training materials and identifying gaps; put together the identified training content in an accessible training repository; developing webinar series content, including a pilot with a small group of researchers and stakeholders; and delivering the inaugural run of the webinar series.

For more about the funding announcement, see the recent announcement from the Digital Research Alliance of Canada.