April 1, 2022

We recently learned that Janes is remodeling their website, and this has caused all Omni links to Janes products (e.g. Defence & Security Module, Janes Magazines, Aircraft Unmanned, etc.) to break. Janes has confirmed that while their website is still running, the new version will not be finalized until the end of May. We do not expect Janes products to be findable in Omni again until sometime at the end of June or mid-July.

In the meantime, all Janes products in Omni have been deactivated. Instead, Janes is available only through its Databases A-Z entry, IHS Janes: Defence & Security Intelligence & Analysis. Please also note that you may still see Janes resources in Omni for the next 24-48 hours while deactivations are processed.