Library and Archives Canada signs agreement with Carleton University

Library and Archives Canada (LAC) is pleased to announce a new collaborative agreement with Carleton University. The official signing ceremony took place in Ottawa today during the second edition of the LAC Forum with University Partners.

The two institutions have already established an excellent relationship by jointly organizing an international lecture series on architecture and by working together on the Parliament buildings rehabilitation project in Ottawa.

This collaborative agreement strengthens LAC and Carleton University's current engagements and will encourage new projects between the two institutions. Both institutions seek to facilitate the sharing of expertise and knowledge, and to support the development of specialized library science skills. In particular, the development of skills related to rare books, special collections, indigenous matters, research data management, copyright and fair dealing.

LAC now has several bilateral agreements in place with a wide range of Canadian universities. In addition to this agreement with Carleton University, LAC has signed memoranda of understanding with the University of Ottawa, Dalhousie University, Queen's University, the University of Toronto, Western University, Université Laval, the École de bibliothéconomie et des sciences de l'information at the Université de Montréal, and the University of Victoria.

These collaborations are in keeping with LAC's priorities, as it strives to be on the cutting edge of archival science, library science and new technologies. They help LAC play a leading role in national and international networks.