Due to our upcoming renovations, the exterior door to the tunnel by the library as well as the parking area between the library and Dunton Tower will be inaccessible from Monday, March 28* to Friday, Sept. 30. This area is being hoarded off and will be the staging area for the construction project. Para Transpo stop 11 will be impacted and we suggest that you use Para Transpo stop 12 located on Library Road in front of the Azrieli building.

During the construction period, Library Road will remain open as well as the sidewalk beside Dunton Tower and the tunnel access at Dunton Tower.  All other access points from that parking lot will be closed to the public.

If you need an accessible parking space in the Dunton Tower area, we would suggest either Parking Lot 1 (located behind the library) or Parking Lot 2 (located in front of the Architecture Building). There is also one accessible-designated parking spot on Library Road in front of Dunton Tower for visitors and permit holders.

The Starbucks in the library will remain open during the construction period although the seating area behind the coffee bar will be closed off and not available.

*Note: this date has been updated. A previous message said the area would be inaccessible as of Wednesday, March 23.