The Carleton University Library is pleased to announce the launch of Heritage Passages: Bytown and the Rideau Canal, an interactive online exhibition featuring digitized items from our own Archives and Research Collections and collections elsewhere in Canada and the United Kingdom.

Heritage Passages was created under the direction of Project Leader Patti Harper (Head, Archives and Research Collections, Carleton Library), Stephen Fai (Architecture & Carleton Immersive Media Studio), Brian Greenspan (English & Carleton Hypertext and Hypermedia Lab ) and their partner the Bytown Museum. It tells the intertwining stories of the urbanization of Canada’s capital city and the construction of the Rideau Canal, and was made possible by the Virtual Museum of Canada.

Available as an online, interactive exhibition and as an on-site augmented reality experience, Heritage Passages brings together extensive archival research, thoughtful and innovative digital representation, and novel smart-phone technology to create a dynamic history of Bytown from the arrival of Colonel John By in 1826, to the incorporation of the City of Ottawa in 1855.  The exhibition allows visitors to explore the complex interactions among political, industrial, and civic forces that gave form to the future capital of Canada.  Researchers and educators will benefit from the extensive digital archive and bibliography, featuring hundreds of documents and images from Canada and the United Kingdom not previously available in a digital format.