January 8, 2020

Welcome to Omni!

Omni, the Library's new, easy-to-use search tool, is now live and available for everyone to use!

Omni gives you access to the full range of high-quality academic resources available through the Library:

  • Powerful search tool for discovery and in-depth research
  • Quick and streamlined access to resources
  • Intuitive mobile-friendly user experience

You can access Omni from the search box on the Library web site here: https://library.carleton.ca/

For tips on how to use Omni, visit our new help guide.

If you have any questions or need help using Omni, ask us!

On this page:

Omni is your library account

Omni is how you will access your library account, allowing you to:

  • See what items you have checked out
  • See what items you have requested or placed a hold on
  • Review any fines you owe to the library

You can access your library account by logging in to Omni.

Once you've logged into Omni, you will also be able to save records, save searches, set up alerts, and view your search history.

To login to Omni, use your MyCarletonOne username or password. If you not currently a student, faculty, or staff member at Carleton, you will log in using your library card barcode and password (although you must choose a new password for Omni! See below).

Choosing a new password for Omni

If you are not currently a student, faculty, or staff member at Carleton you will need to choose a new password to log in to Omni.

To choose a new password, follow these instructions for resetting your password.

People with an active Carleton account can continue use their MyCarletonOne username and password to login to Omni.

Exporting your data from the old library system

The old library system gave you the option of saving information with your library account, specifically:

  • Saved searches
  • Reading history
  • Lists (of books and other library materials)

Unfortunately, any of this information that you have saved in the old library system will not be migrated to Omni.

For more information, see: How to export data from your Library Catalogue account.

Library services being restored

We have begin restoring library services that were impacted by the migration to Omni, as summarized in the following table:

Library Service Date Service Restored Notes
Creating library accounts January 8

Any user who had a temporary account created for them during the migration period will be contacted by the Library and provided with a proper account in Omni.

Circulation information January 8
Holds/Requests January 8
Requesting items from storage January 13

Until service is restored, please request copy of the item you are interested in through interlibrary loan.

Renewals January 8
Fine payment January 13
Self-check machines January 13
Ordering of books and other materials Late January Until regular ordering resumes, if there is a book that you are interested in but is not in our collection, please request a copy through interlibrary loan.

If you have any questions, please ask us!