September 28, 2022

While we love our building and we love our space, there are always things in the Library we can improve upon and the safety of animals is one of our bigger priorities. Bird collisions with campus buildings have been on the University’s radar for a few years and the University is examining how to reduce the number of bird collisions. FMP are working with a local organization, Safe Wings Ottawa to effectively reduce the risk.

The MacOdrum Library was identified as a building with numerous bird collisions based on its current design. FMP is exploring potential solutions to our building to ensure we can reduce the number of collisions we see each year.

“This is a concern for us, and we understand that this is a big concern for the Carleton University community as well,” says Amber Lannon, University Librarian. “We have appreciated the feedback from the Carleton community on this and will continue to update them as we work with Safe Wings on our building."

One of the solutions is to break up the glass pattern with visual markers. These visual markers are applied in a pattern on the exterior of the glass surface to reduce bird collisions. The Nicol and Health Science buildings are examples of buildings on campus that currently have a similar pattern. Currently, FMP is awaiting quotes from contractors to perform this work. The timeline for this application is dependent on the weather since it must be undertaken in weather +5 degrees C or above but will take place either this Fall or in Spring at the latest.

“The university has a comprehensive list of buildings to address and has completed work on several buildings across campus," says Gilles Monast, Manager, Library Administrative Services. Budget depending, they endeavour to address one or two buildings annually. As new buildings are built, they are built with bird safety in mind and windows are considered and treated appropriately.”

If anyone has any further questions or comments about the University’s plan for this, you can direct your inquiries to from FMP.