March 4, 2022

Updated July 13, 2022: The back of Level 1 has been reopened. Most of the collection located there can now be accessed and browsed. Only the music folios remain inaccessible for physical browsing. Find out how to access music folios.

Note that while print serials located in compact shelving can also now be browsed, they do not circulate and cannot be borrowed.

Due to the work being done to support the current collection move in the Library, the back of Level 1 has been temporarily closed off and cannot be accessed. As a result, the books, print serials, government documents, and microfilm located in this area are currently unavailable for browsing.

However, if you need to access these items, we can still get them for you!

If you need to access any books or graphic novels from this section, please look up the item in Omni and choose Request physical item pick-up or mail delivery. We will retrieve the item for you and let you know when it is ready for you to pick up. Note: You will need to sign in to Omni to see the request option.

If you need to access any print serials (journals) from this section, please request the article or volume through Omni, where you can request either a digital copy of the article you are looking for or request the print copy from another library.

If you need to access any of our government documents, please speak to someone at the Services Desk or contact Library Services (see below) so that we can retrieve the material for you. Usually we will be able to retrieve an item for you while you wait. However, problematic requests or requests for multiple items may require more time. Whenever possible we recommend that you contact Library Services in advance with your request so that we can have the item or items ready for you when you visit. Remember that in general government documents cannot be borrowed and must be consulted in the Library.

If you need to access the microfilm or microfiche, please speak to someone at the Services Desk or if possible contact Library Services prior to your visit. We will retrieve the material you are interested in and show you where you can view the material.

We expect work will continue on these collections for at least the next few months. We will be trying to restore access for browsing these collections as soon as we can.

If you have any questions or would like help accessing these materials, please contact Library Services at or call 613-520-2600 x2734.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Last Updated: Monday, March 21, 2022