October 6, 2022

Registration is now open for the Beyond Resettlement: Exploring the History of the Ugandan Asian Community in Exile conference.

The conference will take place at Carleton University from November 14-16, 2022 and will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the expulsion of South Asian people from Uganda in 1972.

The conference will explore the historical context of the expulsion, Canada’s response and reception of refugees, the larger diaspora of Ugandan Asian refugees around the world, and the lived experiences of the community in Canada over the past 50 years. The conference aims to yield several lessons on pathways to integration, memory, and identity.

Registration is $50 for in-person attendance and $25 for access to online streaming. A limited number of free registrations are available for students. Students can email ugandaconference@carleton.ca to inquire about availability and to register.

To register, see: https://carleton.ca/uganda-collection/registration/


We are currently seeking volunteers to assist with workshop facilitation, registration, and timekeeping at the conference. Are you a student who may be interested in volunteering for the conference? Please contact: ugandaconference@carleton.ca.

For more information, please see our call for volunteers.

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