Reminder: Export your saved searches and lists from Library Catalogue before December 10

On December 10, the Library Catalogue will be replaced by Omni, our new library search tool.

Any saved searches, lists, or reading history saved in your library account will not be migrated to Omni, so you will need to export and save those manually.

Instructions on how to do this are provided below.

If you have any questions on how to save your data, please ask us!

How to export data from your Library Catalogue account

The Library Catalogue gave you the option of saving information with your library account, specifically:

  • Saved searches
  • Reading history
  • Lists (of books and other library materials)

Unfortunately, any of this information that you have saved in the Library Catalogue will not be migrated to Omni.

We recommend that you export any data that you would like to save before December 10, 2019.

Click here to login to your library account. Once you've logged into your account you will be able to save your data using the methods indicated below.

To export your saved searches

Saved searches cannot be exported from the Library Catalogue, so you will have to manually copy the information from your library account to a Word document or text file.

You can then use this information to manually recreate each of your searches in Omni.

To export your reading history

In your library account, go to your Reading History and click Export my Reading List.

Note: Reading history is only available if you opted in to this feature. By default, the library catalogue does not save a history of items that you borrowed.

To export your lists

In your library account, go to your Lists, and for each list you want to save click Export List.

For questions about Omni, please contact Edward Bilodeau.