Carleton's Archives and Research Collections (ARC) has received an investment of $273,000 from the Virtual Museum of Canada (VMC) Investment Programs of the Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN) to merge archival holdings with digital interfaces. Under the direction of Stephen Fai (Architecture), Patti Harper (ARC), Brian Greenspan (English) and their partner the Bytown Museum, "Heritage Passages: Bytown and the Rideau Canal" will bring together extensive archival holdings and diverse expertise for the creation of a dynamic web-based exhibition that presents an architectural history of the construction of the Rideau Canal.

Drawing on material from ARC, Ottawa’s Bytown Museum and various archives within Canada and the UK, the project will reveal a series of intertwined narratives that tell the story of the Rideau Canal's building campaign between 1826 and 1855. The exhibition will be available remotely through a website featuring digital models of the area bordered by the East Block and the Chateau Laurier to the west and east respectively, to the north by the Ottawa River, and to the south by Rideau Street. The locks and associated buildings constructed and demolished over the period will be modelled in detail based on archival documentation. Additionally, visitors to the canal will be able to download a GPS-enabled, “augmented reality” smart phone application providing on-site access to interpretive paths directly from significant locations along the canal.

For more information on this project, please contact Carleton's Archives and Research Collections (ARC).