October 24, 2022

Carleton University is excited to announce that they have been named one of the recipients of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Connections Grant.

The $25,000 grant funding will be used directly to support the development of the Ugandan Asian Community Resettlement conference being hosted by Carleton University November 14-16, 2022.

"We are grateful that this will help facilitate the hiring of student research assistants, with technology support, and travel assistance," says Chris Trainor, Archives and Special Collections at Carleton University.

Students will participate in documenting the conference on social media, conducting oral histories, and will assist with conference workshops.

The conference is also receiving support through private donations as well as through the annual Giving Tuesday campaign hosted by Carleton University.

The keynote speaker at the conference, Mahmood Mamdani, is the Herbert Lehman Professor of Government at Columbia University. He received his PhD from Harvard University in 1974 and specializes in the study of African history and politics. His work explores the intersection between politics and culture, colonialism, the history of civil war and genocide in Africa, and the history and theory of human rights. Dr. Mamdani will present remotely.

"We have a full conference planned to bring together the community with academics and students. This funding allows us to put together programming that will benefit all our attendees," says Shezan Muhammedi, Researcher in Residence in the MacOdrum Library at Carleton University and conference project lead.

Conference panels will include:

  • The expulsion order and a warm welcome? (Re) settling and early experiences of life in Canada among East African Asians
  • Home and homeland: Explorations of transnationalism and faith amongst the Ugandan Asian refugee diaspora in Canada and beyond
  • Gender in motion: The cultural, economic, and political impact of migration on East African Asian women
  • Investigating the legacy: Understanding the Ugandan Asian refugee resettlement initiative, impacts, and conceptions of identity

There will also be a number of workshops throughout the conference to generate discussions and learning around the history of the expulsion, intergenerational identities, and migration. The organizers will host an event the day before titled No New Land? with authors Tina Athaide, Tasneem Jamal, and Hafsa Zayyan at the Carleton Dominion-Chalmers Centre.

The event will be hosted by Dr. Zulfikar Hirji (York University) and will bring the authors together for a conversation about their fictional stories of loss, longing and belonging, each set in the context of the expulsion.

The conference workshops will also include:

Global Café: Intergenerational Discussion

This workshop will consist of an intergenerational discussion amongst Ugandan Asian refugees, their children, and other migrant communities who attend the conference on the impact of migration and sense of belonging.

Documentary Screening and Q&A

This workshop will consist of a screening of documentaries created to commemorate the expulsion, accompanied with a question and answer session with the directors and project teams of the films.

For more information on the conference and to register by November 1, 2022, please visit the conference website.