Top 10 Bob Ross Episodes to get you through studying (any maybe beyond)

We have some pretty amazing therapy dogs at Carleton now and I strongly encourage anyone who likes therapy dogs to check them out at some point.

But as great as they are, the dogs are not on call 24/7. They cannot show up in your room when you are working on a paper or after class when you’re not sure if you captured all your notes adequately. They may not be able to show up when you’re looking for a 30-minute study break at 11 p.m.

But do you know who can show up?

Bob Ross and Bob Ross’s paintings.

I work in the Library and am also a student here at Carleton. And I’m a parent which gives me all the different kinds of stress and anxiety. And so, I came up with a list of 10 of the greatest Bob Ross episodes of all time (not definitive) to act as your de facto therapy dog when there is no actual therapy dog to turn to.

Glacier Lake

Lonely Retreat

Mountain Splendor

Splendor of Autumn

Island in the Wilderness


Waves of Wonder

Frozen Solitude

The Old Weathered Barn

Evergreen Valley