What you told us in the 2018 Library User (Insync) Survey

In November, we sent an email to 5,000 randomly selected students, and one-half of faculty, staff and contract instructors. The main purpose of the survey was to give you the opportunity to state how well you believe the Library performs in relation to what you think is important. The survey focused on performance and importance specifically related to communication, service delivery, facilities & equipment, information resources, and overall satisfaction.

Thank you to all of you who completed the 2018 Library User Survey. Below is a look at some of the trends we noticed---specifically what we’re doing well as well as where we need to improve.

How you rated us

This was the first year we ran this survey. In the years ahead we will be able to benchmark our performance as we implement changes based on your feedback.

  • Overall performance: 78.2 out of 100
  • Overall satisfaction: 5.57 out of 7

Ways we can improve (largest gaps between what was identified as important and our performance)

  • Finding a place in the Library to work in a group.
  • Finding a quiet place in the Library to study.
  • Having laptop facilities (ie desks, power) in the Library that meet your needs.

Where we’re doing well

  • Wireless access
  • Off-campus access to library resources and services
  • Accurate answers to questions
  • Access to library resources helping you to be successful at university
  • Course Reserves (Ares) meeting your needs

What are we going to do in response to the survey results?

We acknowledge that the results of this survey shows that we still have areas we can improve on to give our community a better overall experience. So as we move forward with our yearly planning we will be taking into consideration the need for more study space---both for group and individual study.

We will do this as we plan any future renovations in the Library and as we consider ways to reconfigure our current setup.

Looking for more information?

We are attaching a link to the Library client survey. It is important to note that as the first university library in Canada to undertake this survey, our results are being benchmarked against Australian libraries.

For any questions or comments please contact Laura Newton Miller, Assessment & Collection Strategy Librarian (laura.newtonmiller@carleton.ca)