Starting this week you’ll notice that we are starting to relocate to the Library Storage Facility the large collection of Carleton theses that are currently located in the compact shelving on the first floor of the Library. There are about 11,500 of them, dating from 1955 to present, and they have to be moved in order to accommodate some other shifts of collections that are going to be happening on the first floor during the summer (and beyond) – specifically, the books on the first floor in the classification ranges from Q through Z are going to be shifted into the compact shelving, and so the theses, government documents, and some law and other materials have to be relocated to storage in order to make room.

You can still access Carleton theses though. The best way is online, as nearly all of the printed theses are also available in electronic format. Just search them in the catalogue, or in the Dissertations and Theses @ Carleton University database, and follow the links. You can also request the retrieval of the preservation copy of a thesis, but it may only be used in the building: you won’t be able to borrow and take it home with you.

The shift likely won’t be completed until the end of August, and until then the printed theses will in effect be inaccessible, as they’ll be in boxes or in transit to the Storage Facility on campus. Once everything is finished, you’ll be able to make a request, and Library staff will retrieve the printed version and have it delivered, generally within 24 hours.

We regret the inconvenience this might cause, but encourage you to use the online versions of the theses in the meantime. If you have any questions, please let us know.