Established in 2007, <odesi> (Ontario Data Documentation, Extraction Service and Infrastructure) is a digital repository for social science data, including polling data. It is a web-based data exploration, extraction and analysis tool that uses the Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) social science data standard.

<odesi> provides researchers the ability to search for survey questions (variables) across thousands of datasets. There are both microdata and aggregate data available, in a range of formats.

The datasets available in <odesi> are available to individuals affiliated with OCUL member institutions only at this time, including Carleton University.  However, anyone can use the <odesi> search functionality and freely available metadata to identify datasets of interest to them.  They can then contact the data producer directly for information on obtaining access to the data.


Access Notes

Authorized Users: 

Carleton students, faculty and staff
Content last reviewed: August 18, 2020