Differences between Omni and Summon

Summon used to be the main search tool on the Library home page.

Looking for information in Omni is very similar to using Summon:

  • Both tools allow you to search across the Library's collection of books, journals, articles, and other resources.
  • Both tools provide filters that allow you to narrow your search based on availability, format, subject, publication date, etc to enable you to focus on what you are interested in.

Omni does offer a number of improvements over Summon, including:

  • Improved relevancy of search results
  • Fewer clicks to get to the actual resource
  • Filter that allows you to specify online or print resources
  • Ability to expand your search to include articles that Carleton does not have full-text access to, but that we can get for you through interlibrary loan
  • Ability to expand your search to include print resources from the 13 other Ontario academic libraries that are using Omni so that you can request them through interlibrary loan
  • Journal A-Z listing that includes both electronic and print journals available through the Library
  • Responsive interface that displays properly on tablets and mobile devices

There are also some features in Summon that are not available or that work differently in Omni, including:

  • Omni does not offer the ability to filter results by discipline.
  • In Summon, your search results would include articles that Carleton did not subscribe to, but that you could request through ILL.
    By default, Omni only includes articles from databases or journals that Carleton subscribes to. (If you want to include articles that Carleton does not subscribe to in your search results, choose the "Add resources beyond Carleton’s collection" option on the right hand side of the results listing. Like with Summon, you'll have the option to request these articles through interlibrary loan.)


If you have any questions or need help using Omni, ask us!

Content last reviewed: December 4, 2019