This page lists known issues and limitations with Omni.

Note: If you run into a problem using Omni and you don't see it listed on this page, let us know!


  • Omni will timeout after 30 minutes of inactivity, resetting itself to the default search page.

Basic Search

  • Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) must use capital letters to be recognized by Omni.

Advanced Search

  • In March 2022 there is a new view for Advanced Search where the search criteria is collapsed after a search is performed. See: Please note that there are known issues related to this new view, where the minimized search box becomes frozen and other related issues. These have been reported to the system vendor and are being addressed.

Electronic Resources

Search results shows item as 'No Online Access' but access is available when record is selected:

  • Occasionally, search results using the "Add results beyond Carleton + Omni Libraries' collection" filter produces results that appear to not be available via online access when online access is actually available. When this occurs, clicking on the result that says "No Online Access" will actually produce the record with correct "Online Availability" linking for online access. This has been reported to the system vendor and a resolution is being actively pursued.
Omni record appearing to not have Online Access
Omni record with valid online availability

Delayed availability to some ebooks:

Can’t find the electronic resource that you were expecting to see in OMNI? Let us know!


  • APA citations will sometimes incorrectly format the first (or only) author's name, especially for newspaper articles.
  • In some cases, APA citations do not include all authors when multiple authors exist in a resource.

We are working with the system vendor to resolve these issues. Please check citations for accuracy before including them in your work.

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