• 2011 Census of Population Profile  Includes characteristics such as population, age, sex, dwellings, families, marital status and language.
  • 2011 National Household Survey (NHS) Profile  Topics include: Immigration and Ethnocultural Diversity; Aboriginal Peoples; Education and Labour; Mobility and Migration; Language of work; Income and Housing
  • 2006 Census of Population Community Profile  Includes characteristics such as population, age, sex, dwellings, families, marital status, language, mobility and migration, immigration and citizenship, aboriginal peoples, labour force activity, Place of work and commuting to work, education, ethnic origin and ethnicity, income and earnings.
  • Look for Ottawa area statistics from the Historical Statistics of Canada or by browsing the Censuses of Canada 1655 to 1871.
  • City of Ottawa Statistics  Includes: Quick Facts, 2016 Census, 2011 Census, Current population and household estimates, Growth Projections for Ottawa: 2014-2036, Land Surveys and Research Reports
  • Ottawa Neighbourhood Study (ONS) Provides data and statistics on strengths and challenges for each neighbourhood in Ottawa. 
  • Ottawa Public Health Statistics and Reports   Ottawa Public Health publishes reports on a wide variety of public health topics. This section includes reports and statistics about health, infection prevention and control investigations, surveys, and public consultations.  In Ontario, health units are required to provide population health information to the public, community partners, and health-care providers.
  • Health Profile, December 2013 (Statistics Canada)  Statistics Canada's vital statistics, Canadian Cancer Registry, the Canadian Community Health Survey, Census of Population and National Household Survey, as well as hospitalization data from the Canadian Institute for Health Information.
  • Annual Development Report 2018 (City of Ottawa) 
  • Ottawa Police Service Crime Statistics  The 2018-2019 Crime Trends Report for the City of Ottawa and City Wards (23) provides a snapshot of police activity for the period of January 1 to December 31, 2019.  This report examines all founded Criminal Code of Canada offences that were reported to the Ottawa Police over the last three years.
  • Canadian Housing Market Information See "Data and Research"  Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation  (CMHC) reports on the latest trends, research, data and insights on housing in Canada.
Content last updated: January 22, 2021