The Canadian Policy Research Networks (CPRN) was a non-partisan think tank which operated from 1994 - 2009, providing socio-economic policy research and engagement to Canadian leaders. CPRN was best known for offering innovative and creative solutions to public policy issues resulting from timely research, thoughtful analysis and meaningful dialogue – with the goal of helping to make public policy work for Canada.

The CPRN research agenda included:

  • Social innovation
  • Citizenship and civic engagement, including youth engagement
  • Diversity and Canadian values
  • Creating strong, environmentally sustainable communities
  • Health human resources
  • Health and an ageing population
  • Labour market, productivity and skills development
  • Education and career pathways
  • Job quality
  • Affordable housing

When CPRN closed in March 2009, the collection of digital reports was transferred to Carleton Library, and we endeavour to provide continuing access to the this important material and to expand the number of reports that are available electronically.

For a listing of the reports currently available:

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