The Library collects a variety of games and game-related media. The collection includes console games (e.g., Play station, Wii, Xbox and Nintendo Switch) as well as card and board games. In Fall 2020, you may borrow console games through our Curbside Pickup and Mail Delivery service. Board games and card games are only available through curbside pickup.

To find games in the library collection, use the search tool on the home page and try the following search strategies:

  1. Search for games by title (i.e., name).
  2. Search for games by software developer or production company.
  3. Search for games by unique identifier (i.e., call number). The call number or unique identifier for games starts with the letters GVD. You can search using the term GVD* (the asterisk helps you find all materials for which the call number/unique identifier begins with the letters GV). Then use the filters in the left-hand navigation under Resource Type to narrow your search to games.

Our collection supports teaching and research across a variety of subject disciplines including:

  • Computer animation
  • Video effects
  • Game design
  • Virtual reality systems
  • Graphic design
  • 3D visualization
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Cultural and narrative studies in departments such as Communications, English and History

If you need further assistance finding games in the collection, please contact your librarian or subject specialist.

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