Films made with, by and and about Indigenous peoples (in Canada and around the world) are an important and growing part of our collection. You can search for films using the search tool on the library home page using the following search strategies:

  1. The phrase "Indigenous film*". Use the quotation marks for phrase searching and the * to broaden your search to find other terms that start with the same letters.
  2. Search by the title of a film or by using the names of key individuals or organizations involved in the film (e.g., actors, director, producer, production company).

Note: Once you've done an initial search, use the filters (e.g., Author/creator) in the left-hand navigation to further refine your search to identify relevant materials.

You can also search for films using one of the three streaming platforms available in the library collection:

Some of the NFB films are captured in this specialized collection. However, search the NFB online collection for other films to which we may have access. The short video below shows you how to access the films that are included in our NFB subscription.

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