Related Terms: Biddy’s Lane (now Elgin St.); Boushey's Fruit Market; Cartier Square Drill Hall; Central Chambers; Central Post Office (Noffke architecture); Confederation Park; Elgin St. Public School; Grant House; Jack Purcell Community Centre; Kwakiutt Totem; Laurier Ave. (formerly Maria St.); Lisgar Collegiate Institute (high school); Lord Elgin Hotel; Minto Park; National Arts Centre; National War Memorial; Ottawa City Hall; Ottawa Normal School (Teachers College); Ottawa Police Headquarters; Ottawa Regional Rd. #91; Park Square Apartments (Art Deco); Party Palace Restaurant; Pretoria Bridge; Rideau Canal; Roxborough Apartments (demolished); Russell House Hotel (demolished); Sens Mile; Shopify; Somerset Ward; St. Luke's General Hospital (demolished); St. Luke’s Park; Tiffany Apartments; Tomb of the Unknown Soldier



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