Why Use Images and Maps? Spatial information provides rich layers of content and can clarify or support written information. Consider including them in your research or consult a map or image to help make connections to enrich understanding. The right map or image can be found on a single sheet or parts of a bigger whole in both paper or digital formats.

Citing Maps: Remember it is important and easy to cite maps - get help with citing maps.

Make a Map: Suggested sites: Google My Maps or Graphics for Conservation: How to illustrate your story

Images and Photos

Online Maps

Print (paper) Maps

The Carleton Library's print map collection, curated over the last 60 years, is a legacy collection on a variety of topics, dates and scales, useful for layering current data and information. Timelines can reveal trends or patterns, vital for in-depth research. For details on scanning print maps, ask staff in Archives and Special Collections.

Print (paper maps) are searchable in OMNI. Just add "map" to your search term.

For help finding paper maps of the Ottawa area, contact staff in Archives and Special Collections.

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