Related Terms: Albert St.; Archway entrance; Asian communities (incl. Vietnamese, Korean and Thai); Bay St.; Beech St.; Booth St.; Bronson Ave.; Cambodian Association; Cambridge North St.; Carling Ave.; Carling Station; Centretown West; Chinatown BIA; Chinatown Development Committee; Chinatown Gateway Project; Chinese Community Association of Ottawa; Collabüro (formerly German Evangelical Martin Luther Church - 499 Preston St.); Claridge Icon; Corso Italia News; Dalhousie Ward; Dalhousie Community Association; Gateway Association; Gladstone Ave. (Via Marconi); High School of Commerce (Adult High School); Italian community; Italian Week festival; Ottawa Chinese Business Association; O-Train Trillium Line; Ottawa Chinatown BIA; Ottawa Chinese Community Centre; Preston St. (Corso Italia); Preston Street BIA; Rochester St.; St. Anthony’s Church; Shanghai Restaurant; Somerset Street; Somerset Street Chinatown Business Improvement Area (SSCBIA); Somerset Street Citizens’ Committee (SSCC); Somerset Heights; “Tangren Jie” (Chinatown); The Chinatown Business Improvement Area (BIA); The Prescott (The Preston Hotel); Trillium Bike path; Vietnamese Community Association



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