Related Terms: Action Vanier; Assumption School; Avenue du 22 mars (March 22 Avenue); Beechwood Ave.; Broom’n Groom; Brothers of the Sacred Heart; Bytown-Prescott Railway; Clandeboye; Clarkstown; Commandeurs de l’Ordre de Jacques-Cartier (1926 secret society); Cummings Bridge; Daughters of Wisdom (Filles de la Sagesse or The women’s order of the Company of Mary); Ducharme School; Eastview; Eastview High School (André-Laurendeau in 1969); Eastview United Church; Eyes on Vanier Walkabout Father François-Xavier Barrette; Fédération des caisses populaires de l’Ontario; Fondation Publi’Art; “French quarter” (quartier français now “Quartier Vanier Merchants Association” or Association des marchands du quartier Vanier (BIA); gentrification; Genest School; Grey Nuns from Pembroke; Janeville; Gamman House; Gloucester Township; Governor General, Georges-Philéas Vanier; Kingsview Park; Lourdes grotto; Marie-Médiatrice Church; McArthur; Missionaries of Africa Montfortian Fathers of the Company of Mary; Montfort Hospital; Montreal Road; Mouvement S.O.S. Monfort; Notre-Dame Cemetery; Notre-Dame de Lourdes; Notre-Dame de Lourdes grotto; Order of the Daughters of Wisdom; Ottawa, Montreal and Russell Consolidated Road Company; Overbrook; Parishes; Richelieu International; Richelieu Park; Richelieu-Vanier Community Centre; Saint-Charles Church; Saint-Charles School; Saint Margaret’s Anglican Church; Sisters of Charity of Ottawa; Sisters of the Holy Cross; Valiquette House; Vanier Museopark; White Fathers



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