Related Terms: All Saints Anglican Church; Almanda Marchand; Australian High Commission (407 Wilbrod St.); Cordon Bleu (Kingsmill House 453 Laurier Ave. E. formerly a residence for the Women’s Royal Canadian Navy Service); Australia House (407 Wilbrod St. – J.H. Watts architect); Booth House (burned 1956 - now Soviet Embassy at 285 Charlotte St.); Bremner House (345 Laurier Ave. E. demolished/ was the Examination Unit Canada’s espionage centre); Cairine Wilson; Carleton County Protestant Hospital (1851 Rideau and Charlotte Sts. aka “Wallis House” now a condominium); Children’s Hospital (1888-1905 now the the Turkish Embassy); Convent of our Lady of the Sacred Heart (The Rideau St. Convent); Cumberland St.; Eastern Methodist churches; Fleck–Patterson House (500 Wilbrod St.); Former Anglican bishop’s palace (161 Daly Ave.); Francis Sullivan; Grey Nun’s Fever Hospital (until 1879 on Cobourg Street, replaced by the Isolation Hospital and moved in 1902 to the South of Strathcona Park); Hardy House (443 Daly Ave. formerly officers’ training centre for the Women’s Royal Canadian Navy Service); Hastey St; Kildare Annex (now Amnesty International at 312 Laurier Ave.); Kildare House (323 Chapel served as barracks during the war); King Edward Ave.; "La Côte de Sable"; The Lady Stanley Institute for Trained Nurses (1891-1924 Rideau and Wurtemburg Sts.); Laurier Ave.; Lillian Freiman (née Bilsky); Louis-Théodore Besserer; Malak Karsh; Maternity Hospital (1894 Rideau and Wurtemburg Sts.); Nicholas Munross; Oblate Fathers (Juniorat du Sacré-Coeur,100 Laurier Ave. E.); Osgoode St.; Ottawa Little Theatre; Philomène Terrace; Rideau River; Rideau Street ; St Alban’s; St Joseph’s; St Paul Eastern; St Paul Presbyterian; Salavation Army’s Grace Hospital (1904 121 – 123 Daly Ave.); Sewer Explosions 1931; Stadacona Hall (Laurier House); Strathcona Heights; Strathcona Park; Tabaret Hall; Theodore St. (now Laurier Ave. E.); University of Ottawa land acquisition; Varsity Oval Barracks; Winterholme (Sir Sandford Fleming’s house 213 Chapel St.).



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