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Archives Canada Digitization Projects
The Archival Community Digitization Program (ACDP) was a program administered by the Canadian Council of Archives in cooperation with Library and Archives Canada (LAC) from 2003 to 2010. The ACDP provided contribution funding to Canadian archival organizations for digitization projects of archival records. Projects had to propose the development of unique, digitized online cultural content, and be available free of charge online.

The City of Ottawa Archives: The Billings Family Virtual Exhibit
This virtual exhibit, presented by the City of Ottawa Archives gives a view of the Billings Family and their interactions with the growing city center of Ottawa and Billings Bridge Village. The histories are written from the perspective of one family’s experiences and activities, within the context of Ottawa’s development as a city.

The City of Ottawa Archives: Witness of Change: Visions from the Andrews-Newton Photographs
The Andrews-Newton photographers documented Ottawa’s growth and transformation. From the post-war years through to the end of the 1950s, the Andrews-Newton staff worked as the official photographers for The Ottawa Citizen newspaper, capturing everything from major events and disasters to portraits and community celebrations. The images from the Andrews-Newton collection will allow you to experience an exciting period in Ottawa’s history; a time that shaped how Ottawa looks and functions today.

The City of Ottawa Archives: Ottawa Becomes the Capital
Includes: The Queen Makes Her Choice/ Reluctance/ Building the Physical Reality/ City Strata/ And They Did It!/ Educational resources/ Primary sources/ Ottawa City Council/ Ottawa City Memorial/ Newspapers/ - The Jewish Community of Lowertown, Ottawa
This virtual exhibit presents historical images and information about Jewish families and the businesses they established in Lowertown from the late 1800s to the middle of the 20th century.

OC Transpo VIrtual Museum - Explore moments that defined our city’s transit system.

Capital Heritage Connexion - Notable Women of the Gatineau Valley
This virtual exhibit celebrates ten remarkable women of the Gatineau Valley. Spanning the years 1825 – 2015, the lives of these women differed greatly in many respects, but what they all have in common is the setting of the Gatineau Valley.

Heritage Passages: Bytown and the Rideau Canal
Heritage Passages is a dynamic exhibition that presents an architectural history of the mouth or Entrance Valley of the Rideau Canal.

Ottawa's Electric Streetcar Service (Worker's History Museum YouTube)

Worker's History Museum: Britannia: The People's Playground
Before there was the internet, television, radio, and even before the “movies,” working people turned to “Trolley Company Amusement Parks” for their fun, entertainment, and recreation. For a five-cent fare, they could head west on the streetcar to Britannia Park.

Worker's History Museum: EB Eddy Co.
The Museum of Labor History is proud to announce the opening of its new exhibit presented at 25One Community, EB Eddy Co.: Paper, Matches and More. For over 150 years, despite technological changes, devastating fires, depressions and acquisitions, the EB Eddy Co. has remained one of the largest employers in the Ottawa area. The exhibit tells its story through images, texts and artefacts with a focus on the workplace and workforce.

Student Projects

Ottawa's Old Chinatown by Nathalie Picard (HIST 5702)

2019 Intervening in the Belden Historical Atlas (CDNS3000/GEOG3001 Instructor: Rebecca Dolgoy)
Final Projects by Christian Comeau, C.T. Hilker, Jamie Robertson, Jupiter Bavington, Lily Comeau, Mitchell Sawyer, Nathaniel Bruni, Nathaniel Mapeso, Rachelle Carbonneau, Teviah Pimlatt, Will Lochead.

Selected Graduate Theses

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