Course Guides

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Course Code Course Name
AFRI 1001 Introduction to African Studies
AFRI 2005 West Africa
AFRI 3001 Globalization and Popular culture in Africa
AFRI 3004 The African City
AFRI 4050/5050 Oral Literature and history in Africa
AFRI 5000 African Studies as a Discipline: Historical and Current Perspectives
ALDS 3903A Introduction to Deaf Studies
ALDS 5001 Directions in ALDS
ALDS 6001 Doctoral Core Seminar
ANTH 1001 Introduction to Anthropology
ANTH 1002 Introduction to Issues in Anthropology
ANTH 2001 Foundations of Sociocultural Anthropology
ANTH 2850 Development and Underdevelopment
ANTH 3310 Studies in Medical Anthropology
ANTH 4620/5209 ANTH4620A:ANTH5209F Contemp Sub-Saharan Africa (SEM) Fall 2019
ANTH 4900 Honours Research Paper in Anthropology
ANTH 5401 Theory and Methods I in Anthropology
ARTH 3106 History and Methods of Art History
BIOC 4009 Biochemistry of Disease
BIOL 1103 Foundations of Biology 1
BIOL 2301 Biotechnology II - SWOT Analysis
BIOL 2301 Biotechnology I - Science
BIOL 3301 Biotechnology II
BIOL 4301 Biotechnology - Science
BIOL 4301 Biotechnology - SWOT Analysis
BIOL4318 Adaptations to Extreme Environments
BIT 2002 Marketing in the IT Sector
BUSI 1701 Introduction to International Business
BUSI 1800 Introduction to Business
BUSI 2101 Introduction to Organizational Behaviour
BUSI 2204 Basic Marketing
BUSI 2208 Introduction to Marketing
BUSI 2701 Fundamentals of International Business
BUSI 2702 Introduction to International Management
BUSI 2703 An Introduction to International Business
BUSI 2800 Entrepreneurship
BUSI 3100 Behavioural Research and Intervention
BUSI 3204 Marketing: New Tools
BUSI 3207 Marketing Research
BUSI 3208 Business to Business Marketing
BUSI 3405 Enterprise Architecture
BUSI 3629 Corporate Governance & Strategy
BUSI 3703 International and Comparative Management
BUSI 3704 The Environment of International Business
BUSI 3810 Business Development
BUSI 3820 Practicum Business Design
BUSI 4105 Managing Change
BUSI 4203 Marketing: Not-for-Profit Organizations
BUSI 4500 Advanced Corporate Finance
BUSI 4609 Strategic Management
BUSI 4707 Regionalism and Globalization
BUSI 4709 Strategic Management for International Business
BUSI 4717 Managing Globalization in Emerging Economies
BUSI 4902 Managing Globalization in LDCs and TEs
BUSI 6501 Seminar in Finance II
BUSI 6902 Research Methodology
BUSI 6904 Quantitative Research Design
BUSI PhD Resources for PhD students
CCDP Communication Courses for Disciplines and Professions
CDNS 1000 Introduction to Canadian Studies
CDNS 2400 Heritage Conservation in Canada
CHST 3901 Child Studies Themes in Interdisciplinary Inquiry
CIVE 4907 Engineering Project
CLCV 2104/RELI 2737 Roman Religion
CLCV 3307 Pilgrimage in the Roman World
COMS 1101 Introduction to Communication Studies
COMS 2004/3002 Introduction to Communication Research
COMS 2601 Media Depictions of Society
COMS 3108 Media Industries and Institutions
COMS 4404 Broadcast and Digital Media
COMS 4412A Game Studies
COMS 4505 Professional Writing & Speaking
COMS GRAD Communication for Graduate Students
CRCJ 3001 Quantitative Methods in Criminology
CRCJ 3002 Qualitative Methods in Criminology
ECON 3220 Canadian Economic History
ECON 3920 Professional Practice of Economics
EDC 001 Oh what a web we weave
EMCP 2018 EMCP: Welcome to the Library
ENGL 1010A Writing Essays about Literature
ENGL 2109A Gender, Sexuality and Literature
ENGL 3306A Shakespeare and Film
ENGL 5005 MA Seminar
ENSC 1500 Environmental Science Seminar
ENST 3000 Environmental Studies Colloquium
ENST 3900 Field Camp: Oxbow Park, Carleton University
ENVE 4907 Engineering Project
ERTH 2314 Sedimentation and Stratigraphy
ERTH 4820A Research Methods in Earth Sciences
ESLA ESL for Academic Purposes
ESLA 1500F Intermediate ESL
ESLA 1900 Advanced ESL for Academic Purposes: Everyday Economics, Winter 2019
ESLA 1906 Advanced English as a Second Language Reading and Writing for Economics
EURR 1001 Introduction to European and Russian Studies
EURR 4304/5304 Europe and International Migration
FREN 3050 Compétences Critiques
FREN 3900 Apprentissage et enseignement du français langue seconde
FREN 5300 Méthodologie de la recherche
FYSM 1004A Literature, Genre, Context
FYSM 1004C Literature, Genre, Context
FYSM 1004G Literature, Genre, Context
FYSM 1100B Sustainable Environments
FYSM 1101 Location is Everything
FYSM 1104 Human Rights: Issues and Interventions
FYSM 1106A Travel in the Ancient World
FYSM 1106B Love and Death in Greece and Rome
FYSM 1107 Social Justice and the City
FYSM 1108 Sustainable Environments
FYSM 1217B Archaeologies of Media
FYSM 1405A Greenwich Village, 1913
FYSM 1405D Science, Technology and Medicine in Global History
FYSM 1506A Sociology of Ottawa
FYSM 1506B Topics in the Study of Societies: Social Science Fiction
FYSM 1611A Are you a Feminist?
FYSM 1611C Power, Liberty & Public Policy
FYSM 1900H Language and Power
GEOG 2200 Global Connections
GEOG 3023 Cities in a Global World
GEOG 4023 Special Topics on the City
GINS 1010 Introduction to International Law and Politics
GINS 3100 Global and International Group Project
HIST 1300A Introduction to Canadian History
HIST 1405E History of Refugees and Forced Migration
HIST 1701B World History
HIST 2204 Early Modern Europe 1350-1650
HIST 2506 Introduction to Women's and Gender History
HIST 2706A Ancient and Pre-colonial Africa
HIST 2806A History of Japan
HIST 2809B The Historian's Craft
HIST 3106A The Social History of Sexuality
HIST 4401 Reconsidering the Past
HLTH 1000 Fundamentals of Health
HLTH 2001 Health Research Methods/Skills
HLTH 2003 Social Determinants of Health
HLTH 3904 Emerging Issues in Health Throughout the Lifespan
HLTH 4102 New Health Technologies
HLTH 490X Capstone Course
HLTH 5100 Health: Science, Technology and Policy
HLTH 5201 Fundamentals of Policy I: Policy Analysis
HUMR 2001 Theories and Foundations in Human Rights
IBUS 5701C International Business
IBUS 5712 Business & Government in Emerging Economies
INAF 3000 Policy in a Global Context
INAF 5459 Emerging Topics in International Economic Policy
INAF 5469 Capstone in Canadian Security Policy
INDG 2011 Framing Contemporary Indigenous Issues
IRM 1000 Introduction to Libraries and Information Society
ISAP 1001 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Science
JOUR 4201 Specialized Reporting - Social Issues
JOUR 4201 Specialized Reporting - Science Reporting
JOUR 4301A Business and the Markets
JOUR GRAD Journalism for Graduate Students
LIS 0003 Research and proofreading skills: Notre Dame High School
LSS 0001 Learning Support Services Research Workshop
MAB 1 Everyday heroes
MKTG 5200 Marketing Strategy
PADM 5125 Qualitative Methods for Public Policy
PADM 5272 Policy Sem. (Poli. Analy. Con): Risk Assessment and Management
PADM 5711 Indigenous Policy and Administration
PADM MPA Resources for MPA Students
PAPM 3000 Policy Research
PSCI 1100 Democracy in Theory & Practice
PSCI 1200 World Politics
PSCI 1501 Politics of Migration
PSCI 2102 Comparative politics and development in the Global South
PSCI 2701 Introduction to Research Methods in Political Science
PSCI 3406 Public Affairs and Media Strategies
PSCI 3608 Migration governance
PSCI 4003 Politics and the Media
PSYC 2003 Origins of Modern Psychology
PSYC 2600 Introduction to Personality Psychology
PSYC 3400 Forensic Psychology Honours Seminar
PSYC 4909 Honours project in Psychology
PSYC 4909/4910 Project for BA Honours and BSc Honours in Psychology
Psyc Grad Psyc graduate students
RELI 1731 Varieties of Religious Experience
RELI 2110 Judaism
RELI 2220 Early Christianity
RELI 2535 Gender and Religion
RELI 2710 Maccabees to Muhammad
RELI 2736 Religion & Society
RELI 2737/CLCV 2104 Roman Religion
RELI 3130 Love, Sex and Marriage in Judaism
RELI 5780 Graduate Research Seminar
RELI 5801 Research Essay
RELI DUC Dominican University College (DUC)
RSS 101 Writing Café for International Students
RSS 102 Writing for the web
SOCI 1001 Introduction to Sociology I (Thomas)
SOCI 1001 Introduction to Sociology I (Lefebvre)
SOCI 1001 Introduction to Sociology I
SOCI 1001 Introduction to Sociology I (Superle)
SOCI 1005 Introduction to Sociology for Business Students
SOCI 2005 Classical Social Theory (Summer 2017)
SOCI 2445 Sociology of Deviance
SOCI 2450 Criminology
SOCI 3027 Globalization and Human Rights
SOCI 3035 Studies in Information Technologies
SOCI 3050 Studies in the Sociology of Health
SOCI 3210 Migration and Diaspora Studies
SOCI 4410 Surveillance and Social Control
SOCI 4410 Crime Prevention
SOCI 4900 Honours Thesis Seminar (2017-2018)
SOCI/ANTH 3045 Studies in Children and Childhood
SOWK Orientation for Social Work Students
SOWK 1001 Introduction to Social Welfare
SOWK 2100 Political Economy of the Welfare State
SOWK 3001 Introduction to Research Methods in Social Work
SOWK 5012 Social Work Research Foundations
SOWK 5306 Advanced Theory for Social Work Practice
SOWK 5405T Research & Evaluation in Social Work
STGY 5900 Corporate & Business Strategy
SXST 3101 Sex and the Body in Space and Time
SXST 3102 Critical Methodologies in Sexuality Studies
SXST 3104 Transnational Sexualities
SXST 4101 Sexing the Nation: Nationhood, Post-colonialism, Sexual Citizenship
SYSC 4201 Ethics, Research Methods and Standards for Biomedical Engineering
TA 2019 TA Training
WGST 1808 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
WGST 2801 Activism, Feminism and Social Justice
WGST 2802 Gender and Popular Culture
WGST 2802 Gender and Work
WGST 2803 Gender, Sexuality and the Body
WGST 2804 Gender and Migration
WGST 2814 Gender, Sexuality, and Cultural Production
WGST 3005 Masculinities
WGST 3807 Gendered Violence
WGST 3809 Feminist Thought
WGST 3810 Feminist Research
WGST 3812 Gender, Sexuality & Pornography: Research Methods & Practice
WGST 4804 Digital Lives in Global Spaces
WGST 4812 Gender and Migration: Identity, Difference and Nation Building
WGST 4812 Transitions in Women's and Gender Studies
WGST 4901 Gender Representations in Popular Music Video
WGST 5905 Graduate Seminar
WGST 5906 Feminist Theory