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Course Code Course Name
AFRI 1001 Introduction to African Studies
AFRI 2005 West Africa
AFRI 3001 Globalization and Popular culture in Africa
AFRI 3004 The African City
AFRI 4050/5050 Oral Literature and history in Africa
AFRI 5000 African Studies as a Discipline: Historical and Current Perspectives
ALDS 3903A Introduction to Deaf Studies
ALDS 5001 Directions in ALDS
ALDS 6001 Doctoral Core Seminar
ANTH 1001 Winter Introduction to Anthropology
ANTH 1002 Fall Introduction to Issues in Anthropology
ANTH 2001 Winter Foundations in Socio-Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 2500 Culture and Symbol
ANTH 2610 Studies in Indigenous People of North America: Representation and Resistance
ANTH 2660 Ethnography of North Africa
ANTH 2850 Fall Development and Underdevelopment
ANTH 3005 Ethnographic Research Methods
ANTH 3215 New African Diasporas: Anthropological Perspectives
ANTH 3310 Fall Studies in Medical Anthropology
ANTH 3510 Ritual
ANTH 3550 Visual Anthropology
ANTH 4610 Advanced Studies in Indigenous Peoples of North America: Current Issues in Anthropological Research
ANTH 4620/5209 Fall ANTH4620A:ANTH5209F Contemp Sub-Saharan Africa (SEM)
ANTH 4900 Fall Honours Research Paper in Anthropology
ANTH 5401 Fall Theory and Methods I in Anthropology
ANTH 5403 Interpreting Symbols
ARTH 1101 Art and Society: Renaissance to the Present