Getting stuff we don't own

While the library subscribes to thousands of journals and has hundreds of thousands of books, we can't own all of them.

If you come across an interesting article or book, but our Library does not provide access to either a print or online version there are a number of options open to you:

Get stuff yourself from other libraries

Your Carleton Campus Card gives you access to the collections of the University of Ottawa. You can borrow books from them simply by presenting your Campus Card at checkeout.

  • Check to see if they own a book or a journal by searching their collection
  • borrow print books by presenting  your Carleton Campus Card at checkout
  • Access to their online resources (e-books, journals...) has to be done on site at the U of O by obtaining a guest account for computer access.

Carleton is also part of an agreement with most other Canadian university libraries that allow recipricol borrowing priviliges. Any books borrowed this way can be returned to Carleton and we will take care of sending them back.

Order stuff through RACER, our Interlibrary Loan service

  • free service for all students, but you must register
  • journal articles (and sometimes book chapters) will be sent to you via e-mail as pdf
  • can be as quick as 1-2 days, but depends on location of the journal
  • books take a bit longer, but can be within a week (again, depends on where they borrow it from)

How to request a journal article from RACER

  • When you login to RACER, you can go directly to the "blank order form" link on the left. Fill in the article details and submit. (make sure that the "pickup location" option is set to the e-mail option
  • If you have done a search using Summon (the search box on the library home page) and you see a link for "citation online" instead of "full-text online", then you can order it from RACER by clicking on the link and following the steps below:
    A search result from Summon that shows a link for "citation online"

    When you click on "citation online" you get to the detail screen where you should see a link to RACER/ILL:
    The detail screen in Summon showing the RACER link

    When you click on the RACER link, you will see another screen, repeating the article information, but giving you the "order a copy through Interlibrary Loan" link, which will FINALLY take you to the RACER order screen: 

    screen showing link for ordering articles from RACER

    Once on RACER itself, notice that the order form is filled out for you.

    • Scroll towards the bottom of the screen and  make sure that the "pickup location" is set to the email option
    • Enter your RACER login and password.
    • Do the annoying "I"m not a robot" and agree to conditions
    • Submit


Content last updated: February 18, 2018