Finding books

  • Start with SUMMON, a search engine located on the library home page which allows you to search across many of the library's collections simultaneously. Use keywords in Summon to find books, journal articles, conference proceedings, government information, maps and more.
  • The LIBRARY CATALOGUE lets you do more specific searches and has up-to-date information about whether items are in the library or checked out.Once you find one or more good books, look at the SUBJECT headings that have been used.  Follow those SUBJECT heading links to find related books.


Below are selected books which may be relevant to your research paper assignment:

1. Economic anthropology

Anthropology and economy (2016); in print

The cultural dimension of global business (2017)

2. Colonialism (Canada)

Entangled territorialities: negotiating indigenous lands in Australia and Canada (2018)

Cultivating Canada: reconciliation through the lens of cultural diversity (2011)

Residential schools, prisons, and HIV/AIDS among Aboriginal people in Canada: exploring the connections (2010)

3. Local knowledge

Footprints in Paradise: Ethnography of Ecotourism, Local Knowledge and Nature Therapies in Okinawa (2017)

Investigating local knowledge : new directions, new approaches (2004); in print

4. Social Media

Intimacy at work : how digital media bring private life to the workplace (2016); in print

Socialbots and their friends: digital media and the automation of sociality (2017)

5. Race and White Nationalism

Making the white man's West : whiteness and the creation of the American West (2016)

Spaces of hate : geographies of discrimination and intolerance in the U.S.A. (2004); in print

6. Development

Anthropology and development: challenges for the twenty-first century (2015)

The anthropology of development and globalization: from classical political economy to contemporary neoliberalism (2005)

7. Bodies, Feminity and Beauty

Global beauty, local bodies (2013); in print

I Am Divine (2016); (1 video file, approximately 91 minutes)

8. Medical Anthropology (HIV/AIDS)

Understanding and applying medical anthropology : biosocial and cultural approaches (2016)

HIV/AIDS and the social consequences of untamed biomedicine: anthropological complicities (2015)

AIDS, behavior, and culture : understanding evidence-based prevention (2011); in print

Content last updated: December 12, 2018