Government Information

Consult the Government Information pages, particularly for the Google custom search engines, links to government search guides, statistics, databases and other government information.

These guides may be helpful:

Statistical publications, for example, Human development report, are sometimes available in paper (DDV UN1 D .H72 Latest edition in MRR) and on the Internet.  Also consult:

To find statistical yearbooks for countries and regions, perform a keyword search: "statistical yearbooks" and browse the results for relevant locations.

Under the government information "find" guide, there is a page of resources concerning policy issues.  One of the policy issues is Development and Aid.

Subject guides

Government information databases and websites

Government information and publications from international organizations

Because the Sustainable Development Goals are relatively new, publications from international organizations are particularly important information sources.  Below are selections; search the databases above for more.  Connect these sources to Anthropology by analyzing them using readings from class or theories found in Anthropology books.

Content last updated: December 12, 2018