ANTH 4620/5209

Contemporary Ethnopolitics in Sub-Saharan Africa (Fall 2018)

Course Instructor: 

Louise de la Gorgendière


The purpose of this guide is to help you find academic sources of information to supplement your course readings and help you complete your assignments.

For your proposal and essay you must find at least 7 references, up to 4 of which can be from your readings.  The following pages will help you locate reliable sources of information on "ethnic identity" for your selected sub-Saharan country.

1. Background information for your "case study":

Search these resources to find background information on African countries, including the ethnic groups within them. These can then be used as search terms for books and articles on your research topic.

2. Background information on African boundaries and ethnic conflict:

TIP! Try concept mapping to further explore and refine your research topic.

Content last updated: December 12, 2018