ANTH 5401 Fall

Theory and Methods I in Anthropology

Course Instructor: 

Louise de la Gorgendiere

The purpose of this guide is to help you find academic sources of information to supplement your course readings and help you complete your assignments.

Background information for your "case study"

Search these resources to find background information on countries, including the ethnic groups within them. These can then be used as search terms for books and articles on your research topic.

Academic Encyclopedias

Encyclopedias and reference handbooks in the library are good academic sources to start your research. They can help to narrow down your topic, or understand new words. The library has access to some databases that contain multiple academic encyclopedias.

You can use these databases by searching for a key word or topic idea in the main search box, or you can choose a specific encyclopedia in the collection to find more subject-specific information.

TIP! Try concept mapping to further explore and refine your research topic.


  • Begin by defining exactly what you are searching for
  • Select the keywords/synonyms in your topic
  • Be specific when determining keywords/synonyms and terms to search
  • Use the advanced interface of electronic databases and Internet search engines to help narrow your search
  • Limit results in electronic databases to full-text or peer reviewed journals only
  • Use Boolean Operators to connect search terms (Click for a brief explanation of Boolean Operators)
  • Take notes during your research to keep track of where you have been, keywords searched, what worked and what didn't, etc.

Google search secrets [electronic resource] / Christa Burns and Michael P. Sauers.

Content last reviewed: August 29, 2019