Search Techniques

For Literature searching

  • Search Terms

    • Identify the main ideas from your research topic
      • Research Topic: How do articifical enzymes made from nanomaterials work?  How can they be used?
      • Main Ideas:
        • nanomaterial, articficial enzymes
      • Synonyms:
        • nanomaterials, nanotechnology
        • articifical enzymes, enzyme mimic, enzyme-like
    • Combining search terms
      • Boolean operators:
        • AND (for combining main ideas, finds fewer results)
          • Example: nanomaterials AND enzyme
        • OR (for combining synonyms, finds more results)
          • Example: artificial enzyme OR enzyme mimic
        • NOT (for removing irrelevant results that use the same term)
          • Example: enzyme NOT signaling
      • Phrase searching: "artificial enzymes"
      • Truncation: nano*
      • Brackets: (isolate main ideas), (gather together synonyms)
    • Example

(nano*) AND ("artificial enzyme" OR "enzyme-like" OR "enzyme mimic")

  • Author search
  • Author keyword search
  • Controlled vocabulary
  • Similar/Related articles
  • Citing/Reference tracking
  • Review articles
  • Citation Counts
  • Search History

For Drug identification

  • CAS registry number
  • Pubchem ID
  • Substances (Pubmed)

For Patent information

  • WO Patent number (WIPO)
  • US Patent number (USPTO)
Content last reviewed: October 1, 2020