Profiles or news of companies are often available in the business literature.
Search by your company name in Business Source Complete or Canadian Business and Current Affairs.

Passport also provides company profiles for large corporations.

Look at a company's 10K or annual report - usually found on their web site or by doing a google search of company name and 10K or annual report.   Read the Management Discussion and Analysis - (MD&A) section of the Annual Report or 10k.   Read the letter to the shareholders from the CEO in the company's annual report.  Explore their online presence and use of social media.

Tips for finding a company's HR policies:

Most companies don't publicly list their internal policies. However, you may be able to find small pieces of information* searching through several sources:

  • Search Google for company name and "human resource policies" or "hr policies" and filetype:pdf or filetype:doc ; this will locate if any documents have been posted on a website etc.
  • Finding company job postings. See company's website, major job boards like etc., as well as do a Google search for company name and "job posting"
  • If it's a Canadian company, see SEDAR. Search your company name and then locate their 'annual information form'. This often contains small pieces of HR-related information.
  • Search news and magazine articles in Business Source Complete and Canadian Business & Current Affairs.

*list compiled at McGill University Library.

Content last updated: September 25, 2017