Summon Searching

The library has a new search tool that lets you do just one search to find books, newspaper articles, journal articles... You can also search for books in our library catalogue and use our various journal article databases to find journal articles, but the Summon search tool give you another option that lets you do both at the same time.    Caution: Summon does not include databases used when searching for data, statistics and some grey literature. 

  • Use keywords only, do not search using a full sentence.
  • Combine keywords for different ideas with AND
  • Combine synonyms or similar words for an idea with OR
  • Use the * at the end of the root of a word to find all the forms of that word

Searching the library catalogue

Use Keyword or Subject searching to find books by a topic.   To search multiple words not as a phrase do a Keyword search and use Boolean Operations - 
         AND to find all of the words in any order
         OR to find any of the words
         AND NOT to exclude one or more words

For example
      Keyword   organization* and  (cross-cultur* or intercultural) and management

A single * symbol will find any ending up to 5 characters. cultur* will retreive culture, cultural, cultures, etc. 

A full list of search tips is available at the Keyword Searching page.

Suggested subject headings include:
Industrial management 
Organizational behavior (note: use American spelling)
Psychology, industrial

Course Reserves 

Use Course Reserves Search by course number or professor name to locate reserve materials.

Content last updated: June 14, 2018