Macro Environment

  • Look for a Country Report on Business Source Complete
    •    Select Country Reports from the menu on the right hand margin
    •    Key in a country name to the search box
    •    Look for a Country Profile or Country Review and open the most recent year
  • The Conference Board of Canada - Get economic outlook reports for Canada, provinces and metropolitan areas. Find reports on how technology and regulation are affecting industry. Reports must be accessed on campus. 
  • Passport  - Passport provides demographic data, consumer segmentation, consumer expenditure and lifestyle trends. Use the high level categories on the top level menu. Industries will give you information and data on consumer preferences and behaviour for certain industries. The consumers tab will give you general trends in pruchasing behaviour and demographics. After selecting a category you can select a report on a certain country using the Country Reports box located futher down the page.
Content last updated: January 27, 2020