PESTLE - Country Analysis

Research Starting Points

Social Environment
    Population Statistics

In Passport search by country 
   From the top tool bar select 
            >country reports
  The Related Statistics provides census data.  Select time series, by year -  choose relevant years and click on Apply.     

   Education Statistics

Cultural Environment

  • In Passport, select Consumers and explore under headings Households and Lifestyles.
  • globalEdge, select country to see languages, ethnic groups, religions as well as links to other sources.
  • Hofstede Centre - provides country based cultural analysis, comparisons and scores.

Economic/Financial Environment

Political Environment

  • provides political structure (look under Summary)
  • globalEdge includes political structure, international relations and international organization participation in the Government section.

Legal Environment

  • World Fact Book by the CIA includes information on country legal systems.
  • globalEdge - Look for the Country Commercial Report.

Technological Environment

Look for data and information that will help you examine and analyze one of two variables:

  • Technologies USED by the industry you are analyzing e.g. fracking by oil and gas
  • Technologies that are essentially substitutes for the products provided by the industry being analysed e.g. online advertising with Google and Facebook displacing print advertising at Postmedia
  • Passport - ranks countries by technology - go to Consumers, Digital Consumer
                    - search relevant keywords in the search box for trends and new products.
  • Gartner - Information Technology related information. Generally not country specific.
  • Global Information Technology Report (World Economic Forum)

Geographic/Natural/Ecological Environment

Content last reviewed: September 17, 2019