Company and Industry Data

Finding a MNC

Tips for Company Information:

Look for a SWOT anaylsis: 

  • Go to Business Source Complete and search for your company name.  Scroll down and limit by  SWOT Analysis.
  • Go to Passport. Select Companies from the top tab and key in your company name.  Select relevant segment and open the profile.  Look in the table of contents for a SWOT analysis.  

Look to the company's web site for valuable information:  Read the Management Discussion and Analysis - (MD&A) section of the Annual Report or 10k.  Read the letter to the shareholders from the CEO in the company's annual report.

Search NAICS 2012 to get the NAICS code for an industry.

Global (includes Canadian data)

Company data, Industry profiles and reports

  • Business Source Complete - search your topic, product, company or industry.  Under Refine your results choose Industry Overview and Industry Profile.
  • Mergent Online - when connected, select the Report Search tab from the menu.   Select industry of interest and then geographical region.  
  • Factiva - mouse over Companies/Markets from menu bar at top of page, select Industry.   Select industry from the list provided.  Published profiles are found under Analysis and Profiles from menu on left.
  • Passport - Mouse over Industries from the top tabs, select an industry and then choose a geography. 

Tips for Industry information:

Look for valuable information and data from trade associations
  Google the industry + country or region + association

Telecommunications Industry Associaton (US)
Telecommunications Industry Association (Europe)
Association of Asia Pacific Airlines

Content last updated: September 17, 2019